Nov 9, 2011


This is about change. There will always be changes. Nothing remains in a state of constant stillness. Even in things that seem still, changes are going on on a molecular level.

Everything is falling apart. Even you.

And a change is life, through a transition period is always a rocky period. Things fall apart. Things refuse to work. And at times, you've to jerry rig a leaky boat with the stump of your enemy's arm that you tore off from his dead body using nothing but your teeth. Bless your dentist in such a moment and bless your parents who taught you to brush your teeth every night before sleeping. The point here is that nothing has a point when you are drowning in a shark tank with blood leaking from your nose.

That shit just sucks.

Sharks, man!


  1. Your profile says you are a writer and you are fucking awesome. word. you are.