Nov 3, 2011

Pig in my pocket

Pigs are filthy creatures. I read somewhere that a pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. Which is pretty insane. So what do I do with this pig in my pocket.

This little piggy keeps me connected. It allows random strangers who own pigs of their own to disturb me at any fucking time of day or night. I'm addicted to the piggy, so are you. We all are. Soon the pigs will take over, they will drill in our heads and eat our thoughts, shitting out manufactured emotions. Everything we say or do will be decided by the pigs. Actual human contact will soon be a taboo and a sin punishable by social boycott.

Just some thought. I'm typing this on my pig. I can't turn it off, it will be angry.


  1. And thanks to the pig we get another dose of your thoughts :P

  2. Just bought a new pig. A shiny, expensive pig. It seems to like YOU. Shows me your tweets all day. :)