Nov 5, 2011


Brands are for cattle, said someone poor who was not able to afford brands. Being social animals, humans are geared toward competitive spirit. There are some so called "deviants" who like to think of themselves different from common people and society without realising that they are already in a social group of their own. You can't live in peace without being categorized. That's part one of the issue.

Now, within this social group, there are different classes. There is you who is reading this blogspot right now and there is your domestic help who cleans your house every morning. Does it still hurt? Both of you use different sort of brands. She might be brandishing a micromax QWERTY, and you might have an iphone4, but at the end of the day, you're both part of same herd mentality to appear better than your compatriots.

And it's all just appearance. I'm just a boy standing outside your house, drinking red bull. It just makes you "feel" good, it doesn't actually "make" you good. You could be the asshole who picks up his phone while driving on a major road and fucks up the road Zen for everyone else. Don't be that asshole. You are ugly and dying. Be your own brand, don't rely on a corporate gimmick to make you who you are.

Being your own brand takes work, hard tough work. The kind that no one likes because it is easy to buy an iPhone but difficult to create another machine that will equal the finesse offered by the gadget. IPhone is just an example, you can substitute the brand of your own liking. 


  1. HAHA...All my brand-addicted pals r gonna love this ..well written !

  2. Nice post.

    I am as guilty as the next person - I moaned at my son becoming "Apple obsessed" when he bought a new computer... he picked up in turn my Sony phone, my sony mp3 player, my Sony laptop - pointed to the Sony TV, DVD player... Alright, alright - Sony make good stuff ok! :-)