Nov 4, 2011

Behavior Modification.

I've never studied psychology in school or college, but it has always interested me as a science for behavior modification of people. There are subtle things we can do to alter our own behavior or that of the people around us. Many times in life we come across idiots in workplace, family, on the roads, in class rooms, in the virtual world. Such people are assholes, and as long as I am not the president and supreme ruler of the world, assholes will continue to exist.

There isn't much you, in your powerless and pithy existence, can do to eradicate the assholes from your life or virtual world. But you can make modification in your own behavior to change how the assholes perceive you from target to a threat.

The key is lying.

If they have made an image of you as a docile and peaceful person who is mayor of some shitty coffee house in his/her shitty town, then you need to work on that and change it. Here are some suggestions which you can use, albeit with your own discretion. Any harm resulting from doing these things is not my problem. I don't even know you, why are you reading this? Where are my pants? Damn.


Talk about hunting dinosaurs on your twitter account.
Instead of checking into CCD, write that you've checked into local slaughter house to get some exercise by murdering cute rabbits.
Strike fear in hearts of your haters by regularly posting your images in various poses of insane accomplishment. You can Photoshop your face on Putin's images of feeding tigers, hunting whales, murdering civilians with ninjas powers etc.
I will kill and eat your children.
You can also try to post images which show you climbing mount Everest or your local garbage dump. Live dangerously.
Phew, my thumbs are tired of typing.
More later, meanwhile, hack your behavior!! 

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