Nov 17, 2011

A Quick Writing Tip

Alright, I said on twitter that I will post a writing tip here. It's been helping me write for my nanowrimo project. Even though i've been working like a lazeball and chasing a mammoth target by now, but I'm sure this will help you a lot if you can do this right. 

The trick, is to answer a question.



Well, remember the time in exams when there were ten minutes left before the examiner would come and take away the answer sheet and you went in full mindfuck creative mode, making shit up right left and center! Yes that. 

Write down ten questions about your plot. About your characters. About the problems that the characters are facing. And then provide solutions for those problems.

For example: 

Question: How does my hero escape the evil sluts of planet Zarkonia?
Answer: He escapes the evil sluts by fucking the fuck out of them all with his massive...ego!

Question: How does he fuck the fuck out of the evil sluts?
Answer: A 2000 word essay explaining the brutal fucking delivered by our hero on the planet Zarkonia and the fucking leading to his eventual escape!!

So, there!

Right, I got to go sleep! It's almost 3AM!! YIKES!!

Happy writing!


  1. i like it !! will try .. maybe i can finish a 5000 word story by end of november if not the novel !

  2. I should give a try and see if it's work for me :)

  3. full feeds again, please? i'll click on ads in your RSS even!!!