Nov 24, 2011

NaNoWriMo Update

Well, I almost fucked up :)

I know there is still time left for NaNoWriMo to end but sometimes you know what you know. I've been waiting for this month for almost the whole year and I fucked up. I know I am not going to crack the word count because there are things that require me to move around every weekend any that is the time I've assigned for writing, then there is other time after office and before office when I SHOULD be writing, but I am not, because I write all day in office. Almost all day. There is lot of words that go through my fingers all day. And, well, a plumber can't plumb at home after plumbing all day at work. 

All fucking stupid excuses. 

That said, there is still time left, so I am going for the broke.

Gonna write whatever the fuck I can, at whatever the pace and try to finish the story by 30 November.

The word count is 21,534 right now. I am kinda scared to do the math about how many words I need to do daily to still crack the 50k mark.

I think I chose the wrong story to pursue. Should've stayed in cities and guns mode. I went swords and forests way. But the story is moving, step by step, inch by inch. There is lot of interconnecting to be done.

I need to work harder in 2012 and keep the distractions in check.

Let's see how many words I can get to by November 30.



  1. You're better than many.
    I blew up, in the second week.
    Couldn't cope up.
    Excuse, I know. But an honest one.
    All the best to you.

  2. I didn't even start. So you're better off than most, I'll tell you that.

  3. Have no clue wht the hell u r talking about, but just visited ur blog and just wanted to give a THUMBS UP!

  4. this does sound like a long shot, but did you make it?