Nov 2, 2011

So while nanowrimo is on...

It would be counter productive if I updated the blog when I could be writing to take my November project forward, but these blog posts will be short and I'll post them only from my phone.

This coming month I'll be talking a lot about me, about the things that bother me, about the things I don't give a fuck about and why I don't and if I should. I used to have a rant blog earlier which google shut down cuz it got too ranty, yeah it happens. After that incident I just didn't feel like reviving that space again. So, yeah, this November is going to be rant special on a story a day.

There might be multiple posts in a day depending on my mood, so don't complain. I'd prefer if instead of complaining about my activities, you did something about them like jumping off a cliff or shoving a moving drill in your ear. I can confirm that it will help you get rid of the pain of reading my stupid blog posts.

With hate and malice and all sort of evil things.