May 30, 2008

The Viking Hoard

Fridays are lazy days. I do not feel like coming to office on fridays.
But the promise of saturday is great and that makes me come. BUT,
pardon my ramblings, i wanted to tell you all about the viking hoard i
met the other day. It was another friday eve,maybe it was last
week,maybe not,but i clearly remember it to be friday. I had just
walked out of the liquor store with a bottle of vodka in my bag. As i
sat on my bike something sharp poked me in the back of my neck. I
turned around and i saw this huge demonic man with a bear's skull on
his head poking my back with a steel spear. wtf? i thought, i'm not
sharing my vodka with some weird dude who has a spear. I thumbed the
ignition of bike, slammed it in gear and sped off from there. The
spear swooshed through my jacket. Then the hoard came on my tail. The
hooves of their horses shook the ground and their shouts filled the
sky. I thought fuckin nice. But well, my bike had a full tank and
there was a bottle of vodka in my bag. Plus, my bike had a headlight,
their horses didn't.
Eat my bike's exhaust smoke fuckers!

i can't figure out what is wrong with the net. Technical help is fukd
up too. So,till we figure out the problem:) suffer!!

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  1. Oh but where did the Vikings come from?

  2. oh the vikings just keep hanging around the liquer stores...big drinkers them!



  3. Wow....that is soome adventure. all hail the full tank though. Keep thee and the VODKA SAFE