May 24, 2008

Few Days Back

This is what happened few days back...

I woke up at 0830 hrs today. This is the time I usually leave for office.

"Fuck!" I thought and slipped out of my pajamas into my office clothes and rummaged through the stuff in my room for the keys of my bike. Outside, it was raining, so called the boss to let her know that i'll be late today. Sat in room with the balcony door open and read Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.

Time spend not reading/writing is time well wasted. So, well, rain let down after a bit, and i started for office, en way some fuck in a car splashed a fucket load of dirty rain water on me. Fuck that i thought and drove on to office.

Another drudged day passed slowly, the depression took over many times and the coffee didn't help make it any better. Ate like an idiot at lunch, fuck trying to stay thin, i'll get fat like a king.

Finally, the hour of coming back rang, and just ran out of office. Bought 3 mangoes on my way back, ate one after dinner, as i possess no knife so it was somewhat messy with a spoon :) Then read Neverwhere complete, great book, Gaiman at his best!

Now, as i write this, I'm wondering how many people would have thought of it as a story expecting something grisly or macabre, or horrible to happen by then end.

He he, just fuckin with you, this was just a boring outline of my boring day.

Off to sleep now. Good Night.

this was the story of a net is acting up on me, i'm gonna kill this son of a bitch and get a faster better and newer connection.


  1. get a knife!!! uncut mango wid a spoon is definitely messy and i never expected a gory end to this one..and like few other times (not most of teh times) im right..yippee!!

  2. IG...

    CDMA? let's see when we get the pay for this month :)


  3. Alesea...

    mango death with a spoon...ain't that gory enough

    yippe ki yay ;)