May 8, 2008

The Dream Of A Rat

A rat crawls out of its hole and licks a drop of blood on the floor. The blood is mixed with vodka and soon the rat is tripping out of its head. Somehow, it tries to make its way back into the rat hole but the alcohol is too strong for the small body, stumbling and staggering, the rat's tail weaves a strange letter in the blood stained floor.

The hole is close but it is still too far, the broken bottle of vodka it had climbed over earlier now lies in its path like a mountain. It gives up and curls against the broken bottle to sleep.

Then, the rat dreams.

In the dream the rat is the size of a T-Rex. It roars through the cities of the humans, pounding them into dust of their own steel and concrete. The humans strike the rat with their nuclear weapons filled with rat poison but the rat is strong and this is its dream. It picks up humans in its little claws, now as big as the claws of an ancient god, and nibbles the humans into little little pieces.

It grows double its size now and sweeps up city after city, human hoard after hoard, and crunches into them like they are cornflakes on its breakfast table. Cornflakes, with the milk of their own blood!

The armies of the world soon give up and lay down their weapons against the Great Rat. The mountains of french cheese are then unraveled for the Rat, now proclaimed Great by the UN itself.

Finally, the Great Rat reaches what it has been causing all this bloodshed and destruction. The Collosal Mountain of Cheese, bigger than the rat itself. The rat pounces forward for the mountain but wait! What is this! The Mountain sprouts claws of its own and its jaw opens wide to swallow the rat whole!

And in that moment the Great Rat is gone.


The dream breaks and the rat finds itself in a warm, wet and dark place. This little place moves sluggishly and the rat can not figure out up from down and left from right. Everything is around him.

And from all around the rat, a purring, satisfied voice says "Meow".

I'm feeling weird, what about you?


  1. Strangely, the question triggered me to feel weird. Guess the night's gonna b longer than usual.... (PS: Yes am an engineer... Is it gonna make a difference, in my weird life? ;))

  2. hahah..funny!! i wish i could remember my dreams! believe u me they are even weirder!!

    lage raho!!

  3. Oh I had a weird dream this morning about a frog rotating some plane of physics. :P

    This is nothing in comparison. ;)

  4. OI!!! No fair. Vodka makes you indestructible!!!!

    Nice story mate. Like it seein as I have 9 cats.... ;-)


  5. Even a rat have a dream!! lol !!

  6. RP...
    Every night is longer than usual man.You realise it only when you start to think about it. And about the difference, well, being an engineer who'd know better than you ;)


  7. IG...

    Well, your dreams will be weirder only if you can remember them! :P


  8. LD...

    rats, frogs, vodka physics, damn..what is the common connection?

    damned if I know!


  9. MSP...

    he he, ha ha, kitties!! We love kitties too!! We gonna have 10 kitties!


  10. BMX...

    You'd be surprised to know about the other things that also dream! ;)


  11. What a perfect end! I would have never ever, ever, ever imagined it would end this way.

    The very fact that he woke up made me think that he'd get back to his mundane vodka drinking, scurrying life, but this... oh ho ho my~~~~~!

    I love cats :)