May 6, 2008

In Her Shame

She holds a newspaper over her head as she runs out into the rain. She gets wet anyway but at least the gun is dry. The big heavy piece of metal and death in her hand, cradled against her breast like a baby. She throws the news paper into the street and fumbles with the keys of her car. The keys slip, once, twice but finally she manages to get the door open.

Once inside, she lays the gun on the passenger seat and takes a deep breath. The bottle of vodka is lying near the gearshift and she takes a deep swallow from it. The white fire flows down her throat and settles into the pit of her stomach, burning her soul. She blinks back tears and the world around her starts a slow, jazzy spin on a broken axis.

“That bastard. That Dogfucker. That lousy son of a rabid cunt.” Her words come out broken through her gritted teeth. She lays her head on the steering wheel and finally cries.

Outside, the rain hammers on the roof of her car, on the road, on her soul, spread-eagled and lying naked in the rain. Small molecules of shame make way for the dutch courage inside her, and a sluggish grin manifests itself on her face.

She picks the gun and shoves it in front of her skirt. The bottle of vodka magically appears in her left hand. She steps out in the rain and is instantly soaked to the skin. Wet, drunk and angry she walks into her own house where her husband is with his mistress. She had walked away earlier just to give them time.

She opens the door on the two naked bodies.

Somewhere, thunder strikes down a tree and she empties the bullets into skin and bones. The bottle of vodka bleeds on the floor and mixes with the blood.

Outside, the rain keeps on falling.
Can’t help it, its raining outside and in my sleep deprived mind this is all I could think up. I think this is the first time I have said Cunt on this blog (GO ME!). Kids, stay away and do not look that word up in the dictionary. You don’t need to make the same mistakes as me.


  1. hey..this wasnt a weird story!!!

    is this ur first sober story ?

    i think today, its the women who're more unfaithful....if u know the laws of our country..apparently only men can be convicted for adultery,women can't, even if they're proved to have initiated the court sAYS, they are forced to commit adultery becoz their hubbies are'nt attentive FAIR is that??

  2. oh btw..i have another story concept in mind..will post in a week [:P]

  3. CRD...

    Sober, drunk, a story is a story! You didn't find it weird cuz you missed the symbolism in the words :)

    You seem like a broken heart type dude, unfaithfulness is just human nature! men, women, animals, all do it. By the way, the court can also put you in jail if you try to do your wife in the poo poo hole. :) Sodomy baby!

    Let's have your story then!


  4. Good expressions, not a great story.
    Great language.