May 29, 2008

Dragon Fodder

I saw this dragon on my way back from office. He had stopped at a
traffic light waiting for it to turn green. I switched off my bike and
knocked on his claw that rested beside my leg. Dude i said, you got
wings man,why are you at this light?fly away. He looked down at me
with scorn in his eyes and whispered in a dragon-ish voice- I'm not a
oh-said I. Sorry miss, my bad.
She accentuated her displeasure at being called a man by chomping off
the head of a biker on the other side. Luckily, the light turned green
and before the dragon could turn back at me i was off like a bat out
of hell.

Some days.

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"


  1. haha.

    did the dragon wear a helmet..if she didnt, why dint the traffic cop give her a ticket?

  2. cuz females are allowed to drive without helmets where i am.for some weird reason,there were protests when the rule was forced on women.helmets mess with the hairstyle you know ;-)

  3. ofcourse, the rule was that women will have to wear helmets :-)

  4. hahha..damn funny!!!

    p.s:- rule or no rule..i wear my to save the tiny little peanut in my skull..;)

  5. oooh...I like it....
    Thank God you weren't playing Knight with the lady :-)