May 27, 2008

i had a dream last night

Now, before i begin, please forgive my lack of proper editing and
grammar rules of sentence structure in this post. It is tough to type
from a cell phone and take care of grammar, though i suggest you try
it once, its fun.

So,about the dream.
This was the kind of dream that clutches your brain in its wispy
fingers,digging deep inside,it disappears from your local eye but at
the same time it stays.It stays somewhere deep inside your head. This
was one such dream. This was the dream of a book. A book that screamed
into my face, a book that ripped at my laziness with pages made of
steel and words like barbs on a steel wire. A book that threatened to
fuck my soul to shreads if it didn't get what it wanted.

This book wants to be written. This book has more desire to be written
than i have the desire to write it. This book will kill me if i don't
write it. So, at 4 am i woke up drenched in sweat, soaked in my fear,
and i turned on my laptop. And then, I wrote.

Short Stories >[]
Poetry > []

"Whatever it is, I'm against it"


  1. nice one.. n u shud def rite a book..ur writing demands it!

  2. I expect a signed copy and a bottle of vodka for being on your side. ok?

    write man write!

  3. It will get written, I tell u.. someday.. someday.. :P

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  5. by the way, I've tried posting from the phone too.. word limitation is the only problem :(