Feb 16, 2007

Graffiti in Chandigarh

GRAFFITI PROJECT REPORT ----------- we are working hard on it. Hopefully it will be done by Sunday....no stories till then but if we complete it earlier then ;) something wicked for you ;)

Chew on a few pictures we took todayYou can read English of course, as it says please don't write on the walls, someone wrote in Punjabi- "It's a thing of our own home, leave writing graffiti, bastards" Of course referring to the humongous amounts of graffiti in Rock Garden Chandigarh.

When art becomes the fart of the graffitist.
This is a serial graffiti found in many places in Chandigarh.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. work work dude...........
    we dont call you the t.r. or the v.f.a for nothing.
    halo girl

  2. hey, maybe you should make a project to nail down all the smiley face serial graffiti. I know at least one more location where it appears.

    Fuuny stuff man.. keep it up.. ;Þ

  3. Halo girl

    Ah changing names...well...I guess each is better than the other, its the person behind the name who matters ;)


  4. Uncommonly u...
    welcome to the blog :) you reached on a non story post but I can understand the reason for the mixed feelings, may be its because graffiti is destroying the beauty of a place and somewhere esle it might be beautifying a place...ah well then again thats just what I think.


  5. Kush J...

    thanks dude, in my wanderings the streets of chd, i have clicked about seven other places where this graffiti was seen , i can mail u the pics if you wish and you can tell me the location of the graffiti u saw :)

    Send me an email, frozenblood1@yahoo.com


  6. Susan...

    Hey the pleasure is mine, hope work is going speedily with your play :)