Feb 6, 2007

"Fallout - Three Songs"

The vampire had no name.

No one asked her that and those who did didn't live to know it.

Right now, she stood in the almost dead city, listening carefully for the big sound coming closer and closer. She knew it from somewhere but just couldn't put her finger on what it was.

The Chopper rose from behind the building to the right of her, its one search-light sweeping the deserted streets like the eye of a one-eyed eagle. The mega-phone blasting out Frank Sinatra's strangers in the night to no one in particular.

The search-light found her and fixed itself on her. The song stopped playing and a mechanical voice cleared its throat in the mega-phone.

"Hey baby, you alone?" the big machine spoke "Need a ride?"

She stared at the big machine and cursed under her breath, she knew the owner of the voice.
End of the world, and the first person you meet is him.

"Fucking shit." she whispered.

"Oi baby!! Did you say something to daddy?" the chopper spoke, "Let daddy put this birdy down and have a talk with you."

The missile whooshed past her shoulder and smashed into the car behind her, blowing it up in a ball of flames.

"Uh, sorry, wrong button."

She flipped the finger to the chopper.
The megaphone crackled with static and Enter Sandman started to play on it.
Slowly the big machine landed on the deserted street.

Before the pilot could step out on the road, she had her hands on his metal neck.

"Enough of your smart-ass bullshit metalman, I need to find Sam and if you don't help me, your circuits won't survive see another 24 hours." She snarled into his ear.

"I love you too, baby." Charlie grinned at her.

"Climb in." he told her "Lets find that idiot."

"You charged fully?" she asked.

"Oh yeah baby....I'm fully charged." he winked at her

She slapped him hard in the back of his head, her fingers hurt on striking the metal.

"Fly this bird, robot, we need to find him."

As the chopper rose in the air Charlie switched the track to Bat Out of Hell.


Hey thanks for reading this far...say something, show that you care.

Yes its getting longer, but we are going somewhere interesting, I assure you.

Charlie the Android joins us in this part. He flies the chopper and plays guitar in the 2 member dead band "Three Kings". He likes to play his favourite songs in a deserted post-apolyptic world through the megaphone of his chopper.

Tomorrow, the search for Sam continues and we find a bonus something.

Something scary.



  1. nice... you should watch Vampire D... (long time since blogger)

  2. dude.....muchos gracias for the comment :)they have dried up...guess people are only interested in reading and not saying a word or two...r three...never mind.
    Have no clue about vampire D but.. I'll look it up :)

  3. this is awsome.

    "The vampire had no name"

    I love it! It's a great line to start with. And I love all things Vampire so ever better!


    Two movies. Anime. Kick-ASS

    Then there are who knows how many books. Kick-ass as well. They are Janpanese. Fantastic stuff.

  5. yaay!!!! keep up da good work....brickbats when u come online :))

  6. Katie...

    We love anime....ah..more beautiful ideas....thanks Katie