Feb 7, 2007

"Fallout - Four Strings"

The chopper rose in the dust covered sky with the grace of a drunk eagle. Inside the big machine Charlie headbanged to the sounds of Paranoid. Sitting beside him in the co-pilot's seat the vampire muttered a litany of the most profane curses under her breath and waited for the song to finish.

"Where are we going?" She asked him.

"Where ever the wind takes us sweetheart." he replied
The circuits in his head shackled once more as her blow swung home.

"We are going north, that's where Sam was seen last." he said, paused and spoke again "Uh, but we have to make a little detour."

"We have to pick someone."
"Oh great", she winced in spite of herself "Just fucking great."

"Yeah, it is." Charlie replied happily "I mean of all the people, we get to pick Jason, I mean, fuck, I can't believe my luck!"

"Charlie," she spoke with a menacing growl, "make it quick."

"Will you let go of the angry mood once in a while and show some love?"


She noticed the book lying in Charlie's lap, it moved up and then down and repeated the same.

"What the fuck is that?" she sneered.


In the tower high above the skies, the Demon continued his practise.

His fingers slid effortlessly over the monstrous apparatus with the ease of a knife slicing through butter. The wall of speakers almost bursting out under the force of the melodies he was ripping up one after another. His fingers missed a fret and he screamed in frustration as the whole melody fell down like a house of cards.
He put the instrument down and stopped the timer at 23:59:11 .

"Fuck." he grumbled.

He looked out of the window of his tower to see Charlie's chopper hanging in mid air. Charlie's mystified grin pasted on the chopper's glass screen, fingers of his both hands raised in devil horns.

"DUDE!!!" the megaphone blasted Charlie's excited voice "We gotta get Sam."

The Demon nodded at the big machine.

"What are you waiting for then?" he said " Jump in!, we are going north."

"I'll fly." the demon Jason's volcanic voice shook the chopper for a second and Charlie had to struggle with the stick to gain back control.

"Cool, " the megaphone said ,"follow us."

The demon picked up his bass guitar and headed for the window.


Ah, four down.
Three more to go!! yippers!!
So, we got a horny android guitarist, a pissed off vampire, and a demon with a bass guitar and who has wings and who can FLY!...How cool is that?

I'm fighting hard the impulse of crashing the chopper and killing them all, believe me its hard.


where the fuck is Sam?

Hope you had fun reading!


  1. Too interesting of charactors to kill them yet!

  2. "The demon picked up his bass guitar and headed for the window."

    You just can't go wrong with a line lie this. ;)


  3. NothingMan! This is a very entertaining story so far! I'm digging this a lot!

    I like Charlie's taste in music!


  4. Idbug....

    Well...even you said "yet" :)


  5. Steven...

    Thanks Sir, though I believe I go wrong with a lot of lines:)

  6. Rock....

    Ah, Charlie, I guess androids have better taste in music than most humans...he is just a rocker deep inside his circuits.:)


  7. this is cool. the characters are great.