Feb 5, 2007

"Fallout - Two for Trouble"

The girl wakes up with a startle and knocks the bottle of vodka off the table. It shatters with a bang on the floor, dead and broken, its precious innards strewn on the floor for rats to lick.

That is, if, there were any rats in the bunker.

Her head is clear in a second and the primitive urge of hunger makes her insides squirm. The boy lies inert on the chair in front of her, his head resting in cradle his arms on the table. She ignores him and heads for the refrigerator and takes out one bottle of human blood. Just one more remains.

Soon, the pangs of hunger stop troubling her.

"Jesus." she swears, "It feels good."

She heads for the table and picks up the gun and rolls open the chamber. Then she replaces the fake bullet with a real, live one from the pocket of her jeans.

She shoots the boy in his head at point blank range, his brain plastering the wall behind him.

She calmly rolls off his dead body off the chair onto the floor and takes the key of the bunker from his pocket. She shoulders the bug-out-bag from the cupboard and puts the second bottle of blood in it. The door with the lock and an alphanumeric keypad don't stop her as she punches in her own birth date and turns the key.

Outside the world is a picture of utter calm and peace.

No stars shine in the night sky but everything is a dull gray. A shroud of darkness fallen upon the remains of whatever civilization is left. Her eyes get accustomed to the darkness from centuries of living in it.

She knows she has a long way to go and she also has to find Sam.

The cars deserted in the roads are welcoming and half her mind is made up to "take" one when the steady thrum far away distracts her.

Something huge.

Something moving.

Something fast.

The vampire smells trouble.

If you've read this far, Thanks!

So, we have an immortal and a vampire in the story so far.

Tomorrow, we rock the town ;)


  1. Interesting story so far, NothingMan!

    Thanks for the link to my book! You ROCK!

  2. Immortals & vampires?
    have fun hitting the town...

  3. vodka. yep. great story. :)