Feb 9, 2007

"Fallout - Six Seconds"

The sun was slowly making its way down to its silent lair, to charge up and bother the almost dead planet for another day. Charlie shook the vampire sleeping under a black sheet, "Wake up," he said,"its going down."

One hand snaked out of the black sheet, and rummaged around in a bag. After a second of rummaging around, the hand found what it was looking for and retreated with the bottle under the sheet.
"Liquid dinner huh?" Charlie asked the form under the blanket which replied with satisfied sounds of gulps.
She threw off the sheet and said, " At least I'm not drinking grease, metalhead."

"HEY!! I don't drink gr---"


The sound on the radar, stopped Charlie mid-sentence. He stared at the green console showing two blips heading their way.


"Uh, hey v,not that it matters but just asking, can you fly?"

The vampire was at Charlie's back in a second, "What are these dots?"

"They sure don't look like Santa Clause and his reindeers!" Charlie said "Of course they are bloody missiles and we have six seconds to bail!"

"Who fired them at us?"


"Who cares!!" he shouted," We gotta bail or we are toast!."


"Damm! ok, give me the parachute." she said.


"Uh, he he."

Charlie looked out of the window on his side at the one missile heading their way fast, then he saw the other object that made the second blip.

"Hey V!, guess what?, I just learnt to fly."

He grabbed her and jumped out of the open door as the missile hit the chopper above their heads and blew it to tiny tiny fragments.
Sam walked till he was at the edge of the sea and then he stepped in it. He kept on walking till the water got over his head. Soon his lungs were full of water and yet he was breathing normally. He kept walking, onwards, to the great place. He could feel the others coming.

For a few seconds they fell through the roaring noise of the wind and then with a jerk they both stopped, too far away from the ground to be dead. The vampire opened her closed eyes and looked at Charlie who was floating beside her. He pointed upwards with his thumb with a grin pasted on his face. The demon had them both in his firm grasp, his wings spread to their full length, gliding on air currents.

Charlie knew what was going to happen next, he motioned the vampire to cover her ears.
The vampire saw the serious expression,which he was maintaining with difficulty in his eyes and obliged. the next second she was glad she did.

Jason called out a name. His voice boomed like thunder and reverberated through her lungs like a million bass drums hitting home.

The demon Jason screamed again, just one word, "KIM."

The third time he screamed a large shadow appeared in the dusk and it seemed to be headed their way. Even faster than the missile, the vampire saw it coming their way and Charlie's happiness was leaping and jumping out of him on seeing that shadow.

Moon slowly rose in the cloudless sky and for a second the vampire could not believe her eyes.

The Dragon was beautiful.

Every molecule of that presence heading their way screamed power and soon the dragon was floating beside them.

"Hey Kim, hows it hanging?" Charlie asked her, "Kim, this is vampire, she has no name, vampire meet Kim, she is a, uhm...dragon." he tried at introductions and failed miserably.

Jason put them both on dragon's back and settled there himself too, crossing his legs.

The vampire was still too mystified to speak anything.

"This is much faster than the chopper, hang on tight ok." Charlie said.

The dragon changed course and started flying west.

"She is going the wrong way, we have to go to Sam, he is up North!" she managed to mutter.

"She always knows where Sam is." Charlie said, "Always."

"Oh yeah" said the vampire, " So where is she heading, where Sam is?"

"Bermuda triangle."

"and why there?" she asked him.

Charlie at once managed a serene expression on his face and said, "Salvation baby."


We are almost at the end!! and somehow we don't want it to finish, but as the great GWAR once said, "Everything that has a start, the end is always the best part."

So the best is coming your way.

P.S this post was almost triple the usual length we
write, if you felt bored anywhere, the fault is just ours.

P.P.S The 4ooth comment has hit home and the [un] lucky winner of the password to A Story A Day is Mr. Oskar, who might not have updated his blog since Jan 23 but is surely alive and kicking ass. So, he gets my password for a day and lets just all hope that he greets us with a story or something equally interesting. Cuz the dude is good.

P.P.P.S - The fallout ends tomorrow...what after that you ask yourself....well.... :)


  1. I liked that part! Will the vampire get a name in the triangle? ;-)

  2. 400 huh!?!

  3. Wow. I'm speachless. This is brillant! I'm telling you, the more I read it the more I love it. Dragons, Vampires, Demons, Imortals AMAZING!

    Nothingman YOU are talented!

  4. Idbug....
    Sadly no, they have to reach for a show and she has to realise her destiny as a kick ass drummer :)


  5. Katie...

    Well...you are inflating my ego.

    I'm more than thankful to you for taking out the time to read and comment. Hope you like the last part.:)


  6. Tg...
    400 and growing...;)