Feb 8, 2007

"Fallout - Five Bullets"

Charlie struggled with the control of the chopper in the heavy winds that rocked the machine to and fro. The control stick rattled in his hand like the south end of a rattle snake.

"DUDE!!" he screamed into the magaphone, "it would help if you flew a little far away."

The Demon flying beside the chopper looked at the little machine that whispered something. He at once changed his direction and soon he was flying eastwards , whereas the chopper continued its way north.

"Where is he going now?" the vampire asked Charlie, her voice dripping with irritation.

Charlie looked eastwards, where a small curve of the rising sun crept upwards from the middle of the ruined landscape. The Demon looked like he was flying into the rising sun.

He tossed a pair of Ray-Bans to the vampire.

"Where is he going?" she asked as she put on the goggles.

"Honey," Charlie said with a hint of fear in his mechanical eyes, "believe me, you don't wanna know."

Thoughts, thoughts, and thoughts.

A vortex of thoughts spun inside the demon's head and then some bass tabletures joined in the fray and his mind slowly worked itself into a calm state.

He continued flying eastwards, into the face of the sun, when he saw the first signs of a destroyed city began to appear. The cars left on the highways, the building sans the glass windows, broken children of the shock waves left by the missile.

He flew deep inside the city and found the building he was looking for, away from the circumference of the blast. The building lay in ruins, all its windows shattered inwards. He landed on the first floor and crunched an empty CD case marked with Fifth Symphony under his foot.

A woman's body lay on the lay on the chair, riddled with broken glass pieces, her head back, arms open, a hole through her heart. The blood on her dress faded away to a muddy purple. Her skin rotting away due to the radiation. The demon looked at her for a second and two, he bowed his head and headed inside the apartment. He calmly stepped through the door inside the apartment not caring to open it.

The man, still alive, sat on the chair. His gun had fallen to the floor few hours ago through his rotting fingers. A small wheezing noise showed that he was still breathing, his heart quickened a pace on seeing the monstrous form that walked through the door.

The demon picked up the gun, his finger barely fitting through the trigger guard. He shot the remaining five bullets into the man. The knees first, then the lungs and the last bullet in his stomach.
He bent close to his head and whispered into his ear, "Die in pain." The man's ear drum ruptured and blood started to drip from his ear.

The demon left the room, he looked once more at the figure of the dead woman.

"Rest in peace, my friend."

He flew off to chase the chopper.

Greater things awaited him.
I feel that Fifth Symphony was not the strongest of EOTW stories, but it left the readers at a very interesting juncture and as RockDog said 'what if the guy had shot the girl.'

Well, buddy, Lo and behold!

I'll be very frank with you people, I didn't know how to write today's part. Even when I started I didn't know how I'll end it, then when I saw the older story while linking it in today's post, I saw Rock's comment and something sparked in my head. So Thanks to him, today's story got finished.

Tomorrow....The chopper crashes.


  1. wow. that's just amazing. I love it.

  2. So the guy shot the girl? But was it murder or a mercy killing since the city was in shambles...

    Tell us more about the demon and the girl! short flashback?

  3. u sound more like neil gaiman as days pas...and that is a compliment :D :P

  4. Katie...
    thanks for all the comments katie, you made my evening

    I'll surely catch vampire d from where ever I can

  5. Idbug....

    thanks for the comment :)
    yes the guy shot the girl...mercy killing or murder...I'd on the fine line between the two.

    Demon and the girl of-course deserve another story of their own....soon, my friend , soon. :)


  6. Oskar....

    buddy, now i gotta find neil gaiman's book from somewhere and read it....phew thank god he is good.!