Jun 13, 2008

Wet like a fish.

The only time i hate the rain is when i'm stranded and the other time
i hate the rain is when i have to drive in the rain.

Like today.

So, right now as i type this, my jeans is wet,my shirt is wet and
there is water in places that i'd rather not mention here. All because
of the idiots who drive fast through water on the roads even though
they are in cars. Times like these make me wish for a bike with a
machine gun on it so that i can blast any car that splashes water on
me when i'm driving.
A flamethrower add-on for the bike would be nice too.

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"


  1. awww N is wet wet wet

  2. Not on! People should not splash cyclists! I loved the cider advert in our country in which the victim stands by a huge roadside puddle drinking said can of cider and car zooms up to splash only to find puddle is VERY deep...glug glug glug.
    Hope you dry out Nman! :)

  3. Oh why don't you add a futuristic photon torpedo launcer to your armada. That'll make the whole enterprise even more fun. :P

    I walked in the rain today, on my way home from a shop where I'd gone to get some food for some guests who decided to suddenly drop by without any previous notice and then leave without eating anything. The walk in the rain was nice though. Hehe.

  4. as I'm about to buy a bike you are putting ideas in my head.

    "Mr Manic. Why did you torch that driver?"

    "It was Nothing Mans fault officer. Honest"