Jun 2, 2008

The Moment Of Fear

Waking up drenched in the sweat of a horrible dream can be a nerve
wrecking experience. Not the thing you'd want to do twice. There are
so many things i want to talk about right now,but i need the stillness
in my head. Next few days might be rough, i saw the vikings moving
around the place i live. They must have tracked me down somehow.
There have been reports of some monkeys gone mad on the other side of
the sewage river. I just hope they don't get affected by the
radioactivity in the waste materials. The city had a tough time
dealing with 3 foot tall talking rats list reason. I mean its ok to
kill something whose language you can not understand but when a rat is
glowing all green and talking to you about the weather and the
pollution in the waters,its kind of tough to put a bullet through its
thick skull. But fun nonetheless, i mean come on, even flying monkey
can not beat talking rats. Maybe they can, what do i know...

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"


  1. Kick boxing pigs beat talking rats, no question.

  2. Cool story. My cats liked it n all...

    I once had a long conversation with a gerbil. It knew a lot more than me. It knew not to take a cocktail of drugs for starters....

    Still, I'm still alive and the gerbil isn't - I shouldn't think as it would be a thirty year old gerbil which isn't likely.

    Maybe I was right after all....