Jun 13, 2008

Swallowing the bitter taste of victory.

The problem is that once you have completely and finally and for the fuck of it

all, fucked and obilterated your enemy, what is there left to do?

Not much to be true. You have a few beers, eat something, take a bath (if there is

no avoiding it[The stench can be a dead give away to the enemies]), sleep a little,

for fuck's sake and then what?

Look for another war to fight.

Plain and simple as daylight on my face and dog shit under my shoes. Got to keep on

fighting, day after day after day. That's life, until death happens.

I see them flying in my mind...I'll kick them in the behind,


  1. thanks for finally posting N
    i've been waiting.

  2. you ain't playin Triumph on Facebook are you?

    Sad git.

    er...me too