Jun 25, 2008

Mad Night

The stench of madness swirled in a night fueled by hate.

The whole city had gone mad.

My neighbors had just killed their dog and were putting it on a barbecue in the middle of the street. Their son was beating his sister with hisleft leg. He hobbled on one leg as the girl teased him.

Their parents laughed.

A dragon flew outside my window, a pizza box held firmly in its jaws, its massive wings darkening the mad night. The pizza box dripped with blood, the dragon's teeth firmly clamped through it. The dragon saw me and winked at me.

I looked outside fascinated and disgusted by the sights I had never seen before. Little dinosaurs ran in the garden grass, no larger than small rats. There was a car laying on its roof in the street, another car lay on top of it, they both moved in unison, metal crunched into the gravel with their back and forth motions.

The neighbors were finished with cooking the dog and now the whole family sat on the road and watched the cars twist and turn around each other.

They all ate the dog. The boy's leg was cooking on the grill next.

Somewhere around the next street I saw a bright flash and a mushroom cloud of smoke, dust and debris rose from between the buildings. The glass on my widow exploded into butterflies and they all fluttered around my head.

There was a knock on the door of my room and I pulled myself away from the window. The window called me back in strange, sweet tones. I opened the door and Dad stood there with a shotgun in his hand.

The hole where his head should have been, grinned back at me. I took the shotgun from him and slammed the door in his face or whatever was left of it. The black metal lowed in my hands and the next second I was holding a black cobra in my hand.

"Kiss me." said the snake.

I did.

Precisely the reason why you come to this blog.

More madness to come your way, regularly! :)


  1. lol..like a weird fucked up dream!!!
    good good!!

  2. totally insane...loved it..!!!!

  3. N,
    Being poetry bound,all this time i frequented your poetry blog. Blame it on my onesided brain!

    Coming in here, i'm totally captivated by your fantastic insane imaginations.
    Now getting out of here without getting contaminated is the question i would'nt bother to ask.

    Well , man , it helps me to understand that after all you don't really misuse the word 'fuck ' at all -- which is what i thought since the begining.

    So to make the long short -- you always write fuckingly good!!

  4. Right!
    That was slippy. I feel foggy now.
    Oh. AND I want a pizza (dragon sent).
    Rock on!

  5. woah. looks like someone has been watching a lot of hollywood sci-fi / horror movies lately. [:P]

    i have a complaint agst u [:P] u never visit ur readers' blogs. y monseur, y?

  6. IG...blame it on lack of insomnia ;)

    @ the lover...weird is the word man, weird is the word.

    @Alesea...you gonna love what is coming next ;)

    @Orgasmik...Let's not blame it on your brain man, I like the stuf fyour brain thinks of :)

    On being fuckingly good, fuck yeah! :)

    @Rex...one dragon delievered pizza coming your way! ;)

    @CRD...i visit people man, i do. But when there are no updates there is nothing to visit! I've put you on the rss feed now..will be seeing more of you :)

    Cheers all!


  7. i'm feelin so happy!
    this is the kind of writing i love!
    weird, crazy lacking orders and borders.
    Forgive me for my over-enthusiasm,
    its something of a homecoming really.

  8. I insist you send me some of whatever you're on immediately!!!

  9. I thought the gyrating cars took the cake. But apparently, it got roasted along with the grilled leg. I wouldn't kiss snakes, though. Wouldn't the teeth pose a problem? xP

  10. Welcome to the real world.... Another John J Rambo in the making...Nice eerie short story...

  11. @Mihir...this blog is a total party place man, get sloshed and groove along~ BTW send me an invite? your blog says invites only!

    @MSP...if only i could email some juju your way, guess I will ;) yahoo ok? do check that if you see this again.

    @LD... I was just think car sex when i wrote those lines. ha ha. Besides, humans have more teeth than snakes, and its not frenching the snake! so well, technically, a smooch on a snake shouldn't be a problem :)

    @Shiva...bum bum bhole! real world is boring man. I'd much rather stay in imagination :) Welcome to the blog!

    Thanks for the lovin. Muchos Appreciated :)


  12. i lik your blog. i lik this madness.

  13. Oh but the two that are there are pretty long! :P
    But why am I so obsessed with the point anyway? *grins*

  14. Most weird Nman! didn't know whether to shudder or laugh...so I did both...kind of nervously!

  15. ...yeah, and that would be sooo good cause a dragon could really keep da pizza like hot n fresh, y'know....
    Rock on!

  16. @MSP...please do not 'lik' the blog, its radioactive. ;)

    @LD...I am also obsessed with points of another variety, but let's not get into that here ;)

    @Jon...reading the post again, believe I gave the same reaction :P

    @Meghan...no point think up things if they are not wild :)

    @Rex...Hot fresh and fastest delievery ever ;)

    Thanks all, looks like its time for another story:D


  17. I came over here because I saw "The Fight Club" references and since it's one of my top favorite movies ... anyhow, nicely strange story. Like a macabre dream.

  18. whoa!!!
    simply awesome..
    love the gory bit..

  19. okay... let's just say strangely wierd... dreamish, and now i want to ake up

  20. hey... awesome man..

    read 4 stories so far..
    and at the end of each said just one thing..

    bt still want to read more.. lolz