Jun 14, 2008

The Parallel Puppy

The Parallel Puppy was not cute, it was an accident.

I swear...Fuck, it was a horrible accident. Let me elaborate.

That day is still clear in my mind like it was yesterday but it was not yesterday, it was sometime in February of this year. As on any weekday I left for my office on my motorcycle (bike as I like to call it, not a cycle, but one with a motor, and it's heavy, and it's called a Pulsar). So, as I drove on with my attention on the road and my left foot on the gears and the right on the brakes, I drove over a puppy.

It simply walked under the front wheel of my bike, and it felt like I had driven over a small bump in the road. I immediately slammed on the brake and stopped the bike. As I rested the bike on the side stand and got off to inspect the puppy I saw, to my horror, that the puppy's head was squashed parallel to the road like a cheese pizza under the rear wheel of my bike.

It was sad but I took comfort in the fact that the puppy didn't suffer much.

This post is dedicated to The Parallel Puppy.



  1. Jelly brains. Ugh.
    The exposition rocks though!

  2. oh man.its terrible to watch an animal die.:(

    well,atleast u showed ur guilt.goes to show ur not a psycho...yet [:p]

  3. OMIGOSH...the poor puppy!!!
    still, ur right - at least it didn't suffer

  4. @LD...

    explosions like that create more mess than noise, but well, to each his/her own ;)


  5. CRD...

    Not terrible when its a shark about to gnaw your right leg off!

    I am not guilty that the puppy died under my bike, cuz well, it was the puppy's fault! :)


  6. FFE...

    welcome to the blog:)

    I was thinking maybe the puppy should have suffered a little bit, tiny bit, for being so stupid to walk under my bike! :)


  7. "And they called it puppy loooove"