Jun 3, 2008

Tiny Giants

Greed is the bloody lubricant that makes the machinery of humanity
work. The only satisfied human being is a dead human being. I'm pissed
off cuz i have no reason to be pissed off but i will soon find some
reason to get all worked up about and i'll be normal again. I like to
ramble, just to let off steam. Not good for days like this when its so
hot. It's 8.45 AM, what the fuck am i doing in office, i'm sleepy and
the benefit of t9 dictionary is that i can type with my eyes closed.
sleepy...so sleepy.

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"


  1. just wanted to tell you i hit unsubscribe in my reader 30 seconds ago...if you ever switch to full feeds, please drop a comment on my blog and i'll come back :)