Jul 1, 2014

Is Discipline Overrated?

I was never much for discipline in life. I think that shit is better left for students, people in army or people who are into organized sports, right? I am most probably wrong, but I don't care. 

Back in the job years, I had a set routine, I used to wake up at 9 or 9.15 AM, rush through a bath and then jump on my bike and ride like hell to office. It was risky, it was dangerous, I had two small accidents on way to office in all these years, and had I been riding slow, I could have avoided them. But, fuck riding slow. Bikes are made for speed and riding slow is a sin. Except when you're on a Bullet Enfield. Riding that bike slow is a way of life. 

Anyway, I'll try not to digress from now on.

My problem with a disciplined lifestyle is that most things in life are not disciplined. The sun rises in the morning, but it never rises at the same time, the rain falls, but it doesn't fall at 9.58 AM on a particular day and year. That's going into details but then, the god and devil both live in details. When something like nature that is all around is so random, then what, I ask, is the point of following a disciplined routine in life. 

Living is basically a game that we're all going to lose and when we spend so much time fucking around with rules and regulations, we don't spend that time having fun and doing things that will make an impact on the world.

By letting go the need of discipline, I don't mean that we should all just give in to the chaos of the world, all that I mean here is that we should stop taking things so seriously. 

We're all going to die, one way or the others, so what's the point in hurting yourself over something that is just simply not in your control.

There was probably a point to this blog post, but I have successfully managed to glaze over that point in the mist of words. 

I'll probably try to be coherent in the next blog post. 

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