Jul 5, 2014

My love for U2's POP

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who love U2 and those who've not heard of U2.

There might be a third kind of people who don't like listening to U2, but they'll soon be eradicated from this planet for having a shitty taste in music.

Now, if you were born recently, you might not know about the band, which is a horrible thing and you must educate yourself instantly. That's that about the band, but I want to talk about the album called POP. There are great U2 albums, and there is POP. There is no measure of what POP is, no comparison. Leave everything that U2 has done musically, and you can't compare it to POP. It is something else in its entirely. It feels like the band was touched by angels when they were writing and composing this album.

Back when POP was released in 1997, lot of people hated that album because U2 switched from their conventional sound to electronic loops and samples in this album, and that fact, in my mind, made it one of the greatest music compilations I have ever heard. Hell, even Bono said that he didn't like POP as much as their other works. But Bono can't be right all the time.

From the first song Discotheque to the last song Wake Up Dead Man, the band goes through a journey and takes the listener with them, too. Listening to this album opened up my mind in so many ways that it is 90% responsible for making me what I am today.

I remember I bought the cassette of POP for 90 rupees when I was in school and the first time I played it in my tape deck, the cassette reel got caught in the deck. It was so badly tangled that I had to cut it out and do some emergency surgery on it and because of that, I've missed a part of the MOFO from the album and even today when I hear that song, my mind goes through a dissonant phase for a second. That was then, I think I still have that cassette stashed somewhere, but I'd be hard pressed to find a player for that.

Now, what makes this album so great is the fact that each song is an emotional trip in its own. The music takes you through a spectrum of emotions, it makes you want to dance, it makes you want to headbang, it makes you remember that one special night, and it makes you want to break down in tears at all the beauty in the world that you'll never get to see.

The energy, the beauty, the poetry, the anguish and the anger in the album just bleeds into your soul till you can't tell Bono's angry howls from your own.

It really is a life changing experience to listen to this album and if you're still a POP virgin, you need to de-virginize your ears immediately.

That's all I have to say about this, I am gonna listen to POP for another hour or two.