Jul 3, 2014

Why Comments Suck

There was a long long time ago when comments were all the rage on blogs. People used to leave comments left, right and center and that's how most of the early blogs got traction and became popular.

Heck, back when Steve Novak used to blog at My Brain Hates Me (the blog is dead now) his comment threads used to go to 100s of comments in 5-10 minutes of him publishing a new post. Even I used to love getting comments when I used to write stories on this blog. Every time you got a mail that someone commented on the blog, it used to be a rush.

And that was the time when we didn't have Internet in our phones and the only way to check my email was to walk to the cybercafe and if the place was full of people, you had to wait for your turn.

This is same as your father telling you that he used to walk to school barefoot and in boiling sand.

Yeah, I've been on the internet a long time and I know this shit.

Back to the topic of comments. The problem, I feel, with comments is that no one really gives a fuck on the internet. You might be getting comments from people saying that your blog post or your work of art was the hottest shit they've seen, but you've to wonder why they're leaving that comment, what is their motivation behind that comment, is it genuine or if they're just fucking around with you.

On the rare chance a person leaves a genuine comment, how valid is their opinion? Is that opinion an informed opinion or the opinion of just another dumbfuck who will ingest everything that is thrown his/her way.

Let's look at it this way, we're living in a world where tv shows like Honey Boo Boo are getting second and third seasons and good men are dying like flies in wars fought in lands they were never even meant to step in. In our good country, movies that make absolutely no sense are doing business worth crores and there are children begging on every fucking streetlight and tourist attraction.

Why is this happening? This happens because people turn a blind eye to unpleasant things and whatever bullshit they see, they want to forget it, even if it's for three hours in a dark movie theatre or hours spent sitting in front of the television, vegetating till you fucking die of heart disease.

And these are the people leaving comments on blogs. Heck, even the lower denominator than this. These are the people liking and sharing pictures of gods and goddesses on Facebook in hope that it will bring them some amount of luck.

These are the people who have never read a single book and they're fucking proud of it.

Think of it this way, you're wearing your best dress and walking on the road and every person who passes by expresses his/her opinion on how you look and what they think about it.

Do you really want to know all this? Because the joy of 100 people saying that you look beautiful can be destroyed by one person saying that you like a pile shit that has been eaten a puked by a diseased dog. It stings, no matter how hard your skin.

Not allowing comments on your work is the biggest and best way of saying that you just don't give a fuck. You're going to create your shit and people will have to deal with it, one way or the other.

(And anyway, no one leaves comments on blogs these days. It's all just for backlinks and shit)

Summing up, a quote I just saw

"It's very important to create for the sake of creating."‏