Jul 29, 2014

Bad Behaviour on Twitter - Thoughts etc

I don't need to and I don't have to write this blog post. But, being a professional asshole there are some things that need to be documented and when no one else would take the responsibility, I will.

I am going to write this in rapid mode and there will mistakes, grammar errors and other such shit in this post, but if you've been reading my blog, you must have been used to that by now.

And this is not even a post defending my actions on twitter, as I saw some people tweeting so on my TL (I blocked those people, I don't need that kind of negativity on my page).

So, what really happened?

Tweet God Mode

I shot my mouth off on Twitter again. 

The usual. There were some people who were pissed off and some tried to get me fired from my job, but they were unsuccessful cuz I don't even have a job.

So I've got that going for me. What really happened was that I was talking to my friend on the TL, just the light banter cuz I know the friend is cool and we can tease each other. It's like sitting with friends and you're calling each other MC BC but no one minds cuz everyone knows that you don't mean that.

But, the problem with twitter is that when you're talking to Person A, Person B is also reading that conversation, and Person B doesn't know about your equation with Person A and this can lead to hilarious consequences. And if Person B hates you or doesn't like you, they're gonna milk your words to their own ends. Like it all did on Saturday. One thing lead to another and soon I was calling a fatty a fatty.  Why does it always happen to me?

A feminist in her natural habitat

So, I ended up writing some anti-women tweets, called some fat bitch a fat bitch, and made some dude wonder how a person like me could find a woman to love and marry.


And those people were all probably ganging up and discussing how to get my twitter account cancelled, which hasn't happened so far. I am cool with that. You can nuke a twitter account, but you can't nuke an idea.

All said and done, it's bad behaviour to barge in on people's conversations. If you've to apologize before doing so, then why're you even doing it at all? It's like saying, I am sorry for this, but I will have to stab you in the ass.

Doesn't compute. Doesn't make sense. People are so stupid.

Me getting butthurt on Twitter

Of course, I was butthurt like any veteran twitter user would be. So many tweets and so many years laters, you know what I've learned? NOTHING.

Sure, I was wrong in saying all those things to someone, but do I care if I was wrong? Will it matter in a 100 years or so? Is it my fault that people live sheltered lives and they can't take a joke on the internet? Am i wrong in calling a fat person fat? How long are we going to live politically correct lives even on the Internet. Sure, the other person can tell me to go and die under a bus and that's OKAY. Cuz, girl and fat girl at that. Let's mollycoddle everyone cuz the world outside will do the same to them. Right? WRONG.

Some women can drive, most can't

That said, everyone has the right to be butthurt and I wish there was an open twitter war where we could all just knife each other in the guts. It would improve the condition of that cesspool dramatically.

Talking of war, there is a war coming. And it is going to change everything. Choose a side or stand aside.

Anyway, here's a nice picture.