Jun 18, 2014

The scam of motivation

You know what the Internet is filled with? Porn and scams. 

These two categories are fighting each other so hard that they are almost encroaching into each other's territory.

I bet there are at least one or two porn stars who have given up their career in porn industry and taken up motivational speaking out writing books about motivation.

You look for motivation online and you can find more flavors than Baskin Robbins ice cream. There are four hour work weeks, four hour bodies and minimalism and GTD and what not. There is personal motivation and business motivation and God knows what the fuck all.

What I mean here is that, all these people trying to motivate others are not really doing a good job. The whole world is in a much more chaotic state than say the 80s or the 90s. People are not sure about anything,  shit is changing so fast. More businesses die out than those that actually make a mark.
Every venture like Facebook is built upon the corpses of a thousand kickstarters. 

Why does that happen? Why?

Because people don't want to be motivated. Motivating others is as big as a scam as anything. Hell, I believe that a person can be motivated for a day or two or maybe months, but the overall sum of humanity needs more than motivation to do actual real shit that matters.

As Yoda said, you do or do not, there is no try. Motivation is trying. And trying to do things sucks. Just do shit and be done with it.

Next time someone tries to motivate you to do something,  tell them to fuck off.