May 1, 2012

Five Awesome Webapps!

Let's assume for a second that we're all productive people, we've got things chalked up in our head, and we need to do these things to get ahead in life, or just to move from where we are to the next screen. Every notice how in most scroller video games, the character always goes right? Right! (A disclaimer, I am not associated with any of these apps and they're not paying me money to write this, I write this because I feel it's good to share good stuff with people. Use these at your own discretion, if things don't work, use something else!)

Anyway, all that aside. Here is a list of five random web apps+browser extensions I use to make my day more productive and awesome than it already is. Because, awesomeness is not a condition, it's a habit. Here goes.

1) Thinkery :: I recently discovered Thinkery and I use it as much as I can in my browser and through the day. There is a very brilliant Thinkery extension in the Chrome App Store which I hit a lot when I am saving articles for reading later, clipping quotes off web, or just making my to-do lists. What I like about this web-app/extension is how simple and useful it is.

2) Clearly :: I read a lot of articles on web. Many times the white background and black text don't cut it and I need something more. That something more is Clearly. One click on the extension's button and an overlay converts the whole article into an easy to read format. This one is made by the Evernote team, so you can also send articles to your Evernote account, an added bonus. Find this one in Chrome App Store, also available for Firefox.

3) ::  This website does one thing and does it very well. To do lists don't get any simpler than this. I'd hate to explain this. So, check it out after reading the article.

4) :: There are many free online notepads which you can use for some instant writing. What makes this one special is ability to assign a URL, a password and sharing the note with others. Plus, go full screen by hitting F11, and you've got a distraction free text editor in your browser. Hit F11 again to exit full screen mode :)

5) Hotot! :: This is a neat little Twitter client for Chrome browser. Get it from Chrome Web App Store It's better than Tweetdeck or the twitter website. There are columns, themes and lot of retweet options as well as desktop notifications. Total win in all cases. Also, Hotot is a kind of rabbit. I think. Hotot is perfect for people who scan a lot of news, views and conduct research on twitter, this app is a solid combination of looks and powerful features. It is also very useful if you want to stalk people.

So, these are just random five out of lot of webapps, extensions, plug-ins I use, there will be more, some time later. Maybe another article about the Android Apps I use? Yes, let's see. Meanwhile, i hope you enjoy these. I didn't discuss the popular apps, just wanted to talk about some of the lesser known ones.

That's about it.

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(P.S :: I was writing this article in gmail, which decided to bonk on me, had to copy past the text quickly in before gmail logged me out!)

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