May 20, 2012

Free Android Games You Can Play On The Pot!

Grumpy Donald Duck wouldn't be so grumpy if he had a phone with games on it!

There are only two places a sane man plays video games on his phone. 

On the pot and in bed.

Today, we're going to discuss some free Android games that you can play while you're dropping krakens in the morning or in the night. 

In ancient times, human ancestors used to read newspapers or solve the crossword while pooping, some of them also read works of horror fiction to aid the pooping process, but today's generation can't poop without a phone in their hands. While most resort to tweeting away while downloading their dinner, some of us like to play games on the pot.

Now, this, is a very niche category of games. You cannot really play action heavy games that require lot of concentration as it might affect performance, I am thinking Platform Scrolling and Racing Games here. You just need some games that take up to 10-15% of your brain power so that rest of brain focuses on the task of pooping. 

We don't want tense games that make you angry and frustrate you by repetitive action. So, let's discount the popular ones like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope, etc. All phones have these games. We're going to talk about some of the slightly lesser known games. Yes, your favorite game might NOT (will not) get discussed here, but you'll have to live with it. 

This is my blog, so I'll be talking about the games I've installed on my tiny lil' Xperia Mini Pro (which I might sell soon and get an Xperia P or U or S)

Anyway, the games:

1) Bubble Blast 2 - This game looks stupid at the first. But when you install it, play through a 100 or so levels, you realize that something is funny here. I mean, you're tapping and tapping on the bubbles but the puzzles get complex, it's madness! Perfect game when you want to take your mind off pooping and just poop! Did I tell you it's got about 10000s of levels. Not kidding. Each level gets unlocked when you finish previous level, and they're ALL different.

2) Block Puzzle 2 - This is strange game. I was stuck on a particular level for weeks and then I cleared some 5 levels in one go. I play this game every now and then because it's like Tetris in a box. You've to move pieces around to make them fit and those bloody things just don't fit most of the time. So it's lot of moving pieces around. And, damn, it's good mindworkout.

3) Droptrix - Another game inspired by Tetris but it has it's own unique spin on Tetris (play it, you'll know what I mean). It takes a bit to learn, do check the tutorial. Whatever you do in this one, you WILL lose this game. It's funny and strange and there is lot of flipping around of a board. You'll have to check this and find it out!

4) Defender 2 - I had a lot of fun playing Defender part 1. The magic system was fun. There was a sort of strategy involved in using some weapons first, this part 2 adds a kind of online playing experience, you've to beat another person on the same level. It's fun when you play it, I won't risk explaining it here.

These four are here. Please complain in comments how your favorite game didn't get written about here. If you'd like me to try out some games, something unique and awesome and less known game, drop a line. 

Till next time, play slow, poop slower!

This post was written while listening to Pearl Jam's Live on Two Legs, one hell of an album. You kids should get that!

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