Apr 25, 2012

Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hitting Publish

Now, before you hit publish on that next blog post, ask yourself these five questions.

1) Is this post useful? Useful for the readers, of course.

2) Is this post timeless? Will it be relevant after two or five years.

3) Is this post readable? Avoid blocks of text. This is internet, not a newspaper. Be precise.

4) Is this post in flow? Read it to yourself once, if you hear gaps, edit.

5) Is this post vocal? Words talk, if they don't, they should. Making them talk is your job.

Just five questions, if one or all are green on your dashboard go ahead and hit publish!

More stories after I clear my head of other thoughts.



  1. Hi.
    Ok, don't mean to sound rude but I think those would prolly be the five questions you would answer to yourself or look for in somebody else's blog.
    Not everyone blogs for others.
    I don't.

    1. Wrong. No one blogs for himself. Had it been the case, he would have rather used a diary. Or saved it as word files in the computer.

      To post things in the internet with free public access to it and boast that it is not for others, is what’s called silly teenage hypocrisy. Cute when teenagers say it. That’s all.

    2. Hey Tazzy, thanks for the comment. While all these questions don't apply to all blogs, but running through them once would be nice even if you're writing a personal, locked blog, or, maybe even a diary :) If you blog for yourself, you are your reader, sometime in future,right? Better not leave a shocker for yourself:)

    3. Hey Payne, true words! But i guess to each his own. My post isn't writ in stone, we can all take whatever we like and leave the rest for others :)


  2. totally agree with what you wrote.

    also, to the naysayers: i used to blog or myself, but then i realized the pain i was causing to people who really wanted to read my terribly written posts.

    also, i've learned over the years that stuff not worth reading is usually stuff not worth writing. even my secret diary is almost anonymous-blog-worthy.

  3. what do u think of my blog? should I be hitting the publish button?