May 13, 2012

Apps, Apps, Android Apps!

Once again, I am back with another article that is not a story. I don't really care, you'll have to suffer me like this. So, we're talking about android apps. There are so many of them that it is difficult for anyone to make sense of the Google Play Store and find the apps that can rizzle yo shizzle (whatever that means). So, without further ado, here are five apps that help me be productive n shit. I own an Xperia Mini Pro running Gingerbread, but it's soon going to be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, so yeah, apps! Here goes:

1) Zeam Launcher - I like this one of all the launchers out there, because it's simple. Does what it says, doesn't take too much space and is pretty much a no-nonsense launcher.

2) Memoires - There are many diary apps in the market, and I've probably used all of them. But I recently started using this one. Very nice interface, good choice of fonts, plus ability to add tags and I didn't see any adverts. I was using diaro earlier but have successfully made transition to this one.

3) Little Photo - When you say filters, the first thing anyone would think of is Instagram. Little Photo is not Instagram. It's just an app with LOT of filters. And in my experience with the filter apps, this beats all of them hands down. There are just too many filters in this app. All are easy to apply, the end product looks awesome, and well, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter or wherever you like later.  The interface of this app can use an uplift, but for the functionality it provides, interface can be excused.

4) Instacamera - Now, the thing with most camera apps is that you launch the app, wait a second or two for the camera to load (if your phone is fast) and then click the shutter, camera focuses and by then the moment has passed you by miles. SO, in comes InstaCamera. Put the widget on the screen, point the camera at what you want to click, tap the widget, and it saves the picture. None of that autofocus or launching camera bullshit. Even the settings for this app are a new icon in the app drawer. Great app, I love it.

5) Awesome Wallpaper - If you ask me, I love new wallpapers for my phone's screen. Some just put a smile on my face on a dull day or some shit like that. But most are well clicked pics that are minimal in nature. Now what I do here is that I download a wallpaper from this app, then process it through Little Photo mentioned above to give the wallpaper a whole different look. It looks great, looks unique and fits my idiotic sense of amusement. 

Yeah, so these are my favorite apps, I use these a lot. I hope you find these useful. 

What are your favorite apps? Drop me a line in comments, or as always, hit me up on Twitter, @69fubar

(Disclaimer: Just sharing these apps cuz I like them. No kind of monetary compensation from them to me, but if you can support the developers in anyway, please do so.)


  1. I like app, helps me keep track of my expenses and with tags and all i use it for expenses sharing with roommates

    also fav is m-indicator a must have in Mumbai(for auto,taxi,bus,train,rates and schedules)