Apr 21, 2012

The Wrap Up of the last 21 posts

Hey all, a wrap which was due last Sunday, but it is here now, so fret not. It's time we talked. This is about the story arc that I wrote from mid-March to somewhere around mid-April. It was good fun, for me at least. Story of a DJ trapped in a tower, outside forces, magical and musical at work. Weird characters that got weirder as the story progressed. A dream space where things were not what they seemed and other stuff of the similar kind. 

Fun? Yeah, it was, in some ways, in other ways not so much. 

The story of X was very different from anything I've written before. When I normally start an arc, i know the schedule of my month. I know I won't have any traveling requirements or any big distractions that will pull me away from the computer. It is a shitty reason, I mean, writers do have to travel, but for some psychological reason, when I start an arc, i like to finish it in a single frame of mind. And travel, fucks up your mind as well as routine. I was not able to maintain a routine for this arc. But then again, I didn't want to. Why? Because this time I wanted to see if a loose and fluid structure works for writing as I wanted to. This approach had some negative points and some positive points, but it's unlikely that I'll repeat this experiment again. 

About the story.

There was something about pyramids. There was something about a low, heavy bass influenced music. There was something about violent and aggressive characters who kill without any real motivation or reason. And there was the theme of going back home. X went back to his home. Where was it? Who WAS the person called X? These are some questions and I bet there are many more that in the heads of some of most of you. And believe me, these questions are in my mind too, and I am the one who wrote that story. So, well, like any good storyteller, I am going to answer any questions that you might have in your mind.  

Let's brainstorm on this a little bit and then I'll tell you what I have in mind for this whole story.

Drop a line in the comments.


Thanks for reading!

P.S - Thanks to Twitter gang for the encouragement, patience, feedback, ideas and well, overall amazingness :)

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  1. X must be trance god and cin is ecstasy addict scientist. Who can think only when drugs and drums mix together!