Apr 5, 2012

Follow The Beast

The Bass Beast thrummed with latent energy in its veins. It had killed the bad man who wanted to hurt the nice girl in the cottage. The bad man had just evaporated. Now the girl was staring at it with fear in her eyes. The beast knew fear, but there was nothing to be afraid of now that the bad man was gone. It moved towards the girl and gently placed a paw on her foot. Cin felt a gentle vibration at the skin of her foot. It was a paw that slowly materialized from thin air. The thing's vibrations were stopping and it's shape slowly made itself visible. It was a strange hybrid, half lion, half dog, fully scary. But the face of the animal did not look menacing now. Its tongue hung to one side and it had eyes blue as the deepest ocean. It gently took Cin's hand in its mouth and started to pull her. She got its intent and started to follow. 

At the end of the beach, where sand met the sea a surfboard was floating. The dog thing climbed on the surfboard and then it barked deeply at Cin. Reluctant, Cin got on the surfboard. She had never surfed before, the only surfing she saw on TV and anyway, she knew that the sea was calm and there was no way the surfboard was going to move forward. But the surfboard moved. The dog thing sat at the point of the surfboard and paddled like hell. The sea, calm a moment before started to churn before the surfboard. Cin grabbed the sides of the board to keep herself from falling off. 

Ahead in the distance, something appeared out of the sea. 

A black tower. So high that it brought tears to Cin's eyes to just look at it.

The surfboard rocked harder in the choppy waters but the dog thing kept paddling for the tower. A constant roar filled the air. The sea was screaming. Cin looked behind her and saw a wave, tall as a building, coming for her. She took a deep breath, ready to go under in the black water. 


Phew, chapter 17? i think so. It's all getting blurry now.


  1. This was very sweet.... much much different than the rest. dog thing is so cute :) blue eyes.
    i like how he touches her and turns into dog-thing. awww wonly. name him or futile getting attached to it?

    1. Let's not name him for now, but we will sooner or later :)

  2. Hey fubar, remember me? Was one of your crazy Arz fans who kept pestering you in between your writing attempting to influence the stories. Thought I would just let you know that I keep myself fairly updated with the happenings here, though I don't comment as frequently as I used to do in those days.

    Keep writing. Its a tad too frustrating when you fail to keep the "one story a day" promise. Just remember that 90% doesn't bother leaving comments.

    1. hey old buddy, i remember you :)

      It's frustrating for me too, to miss a day, but life sticks both legs in my plans at times :)

      Thanks for the comment!