Apr 4, 2012

Bringing The Noise

There are games for players and then there are players for games. This was the game of noise and the player of this game was born to bring the noise. X sat in his tower, played  his music and sent a monster to the island to face the butcher. A Bass Beast made of soundwaves and bass beats crawled up from the sea, it sniffed the air, felt the sound around it, and focused itself on the fast beating heart of the girl called Cin. Steam rose from its nostrils and its paws made heavy imprints in the wet beach sand. It locked on to the sounds on the island, only the butcher's heart beat in the sync that it didn't like at all. It had a target. And the target was going to be eliminated.

The butcher had his hand wrapped around Cin's arm when he felt the noise. It reverberated through his ribcage and made his heart skip a beat. His teeth rattled in his skull and for an instant he was overcome with the shitty feeling of chewing foil. He left Cin in the hut and walked out into the sun. The animal made from bass stood before him, and it was a strange hybrid of shapes and animal species. The Bass Beast vibrated with such heavy beats that it was difficult to make out its shape in any kind. The only thing clear was its intent. Death. It was a predator. And it had its sight fixed on the prey. The butcher looked at the quickly shifting image of the beast in front of his watering eyes. It circled the butcher, keeping its mouth pointed at the man all the time. Then the Bass Beast began to growl. The low growl sounded like the running of a mad machine that has escaped the control of gears and is now on its own. A mad sound of hate, anger, and bloodlust.

The Bass Beast growled at the butcher and the butcher screamed back at it. He had killed enough to get to where he was, and he was not going to be stopped by something that only growled and made noises. The man and animal lunged at each other and the resulting noise from the collision flattened the huts around them to the ground. Cin crawled out of rubble of one hut and looked at what was making all the noise. The butcher was bloodied and tired from the fighting and he was cut in many places. His left arm was hanging at an awkward angle that arms are not supposed to hang at. He limped around something fast and blurry, his face snarled in pain and anger. 

Cin saw a shadow move fast and pin the butcher under its invisible mass. She could barely make out the shape of animal, but it changed so quickly that she was not sure what she saw. All she heard was a low thrum that shook the ground under her feet and made her feel sick in her head. She saw the butcher's head slowly bulging under pressure from something invisible. One of his eyes popped out of skull and a small geyser of blood erupted from his skull. Then, with a sickening crunch, the butcher's skull was crushed flat to the ground. Cin bent over and puked her guts out.

Back in the real world, the butcher woke up with a scream that all the drugs in his system couldn't stifle. The old man was sitting by his side and he had a cup of tea in his hand. 

"The boy," the butcher said, "the boy cheated!"

The old man poured another cup of tea for him. 

"He will be punished for his stupidity. I'll go inside and punish him myself."


Yeah, was away from the internet for about two-three days. So here it is.

A very special thanks to @tweettabulous @IndianIdle and @himanshumadhu who kept asking me about the story and where I was taking it next. 

We're gonna wrap this one up soon. Some 6-7 more chapters, next ones might be slightly bigger ;)


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