Dec 6, 2008


We're officially three years old. The blog's birthday falls somewhere
in the first few days of december, and with aid of my selective memory
i have conveniently forgotten the date. Anyway, here's to more years
of mirth, madness and mostly bullshit.
Thanks for reading:)

Once A Story A Day recovers from a virus attack on the headquarters,
irregular posting shall resume.

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  1. happy b'day or week...

    btw dere r sm quite cute girlss who comment here...

    lucky bastard...(nd i meant tat for d cute girls comment on u???);)

  2. three!!! that's a lot!!! i've just been blogging just a year and a half and my first post still feels like it was taken out of a hitory book...your first post might feel jurassic to you!!! :P

    oh and congratulations...keep writing, as always...and get that damn comp fixed!!! call me if you need some sort of telephonic help with these sorta things :)

  3. Three years!

    Happy B-Day anyway.

  4. Jadis... and rolling too, in the dirt of madness :P

    Harshad...bweek!! Bweek!! that sounds like the cry of some weird bird! one more time Bweek!

    Sia...tanks! lots of them!:D

    Antriksh...dude, the girls are coming here cuz master bloggers like Jevvy are not blogging much these days. Oh yeah, cute girls fall on me like flies on a pile of shit. Really. Chicks are insane about me. No shit.

    Mu ha ha ha ah *Cough Cough*


  5. Kris...
    heh man, i deleted my first post ages back, so i only have a tentative date for the first post of this blog...

    am i a dino-blogger now? :P

    Oh, fixed the problem, just some lingering traces remain, which I'm gonna fix next week :)

    Tanks for the congrats bro :)

    Keep rocking ya' all...



  6. HEEHEHEHEHE...........

    HAPPY BUDDAY, budday blog....!!!

    Have a nice week, and more stories up my way!!!

  7. hapyy burrrdaayy..
    wasnt it on 4dec??
    anyhow...wishing more insanity:)