Dec 11, 2008

The Black Void- Part 2 of 3

Part 1 Can Be Read Here

If there was ever a bunch of meaner motherfuckers in Hell, these fuckers in front of me would have eaten them alive and asked for more. From left to right in a neat row stood some of the most fucked up specimens of demonology that even Lucifer had refused to call his own. Still, I had to cross them, one way or the other.

I took a step forward and the snarls from a dozen mouths stopped my other foot from lifting off the ground. A demon with a skull full of black writhing spikes, and a single red, unblinking eye stepped up from the line. It held a large bone club in one hand, the bones were held together were what looked like human intestines. 

"I, Dumrak." said the demon.

I stood there, looking at him, feeling strangely aloof from the way the whole situation was going to go.

"You," it said pointing the club at me, "dead."

"Aww Fuck!," I said, "Guys, look, wait a second here."

"Hwwgrrrrrr." Dumrak grunted.

"Look, the thing is that I have to cross this place because I have an appointment with the big man on the other side."

Thirty seven multicolored eyes from the horde of demons looked at me like I had told them a funny joke without the punchline. So, I took a deep breath and said, "It's just that it's gonna waste my precious seconds in killing you all."

No sooner did the words leave my mouth that they all charged at me like a herd of maddened elephants. The ground beneath my feet shook and the noise levels of the whole place went up a few decibels with the war cries of all the demons. I just waited for them to get closer.

And closer, and closer.

I could see each individual hair in Dumrak's head quiver with the strain of running with the heavy club in his hand and the rest of the hoard was almost euphoric with the hope of a kill. It was good seeing that they all had not lost the spirit for the hunt, but still, they would all have to go…down.

I tapped my foot once on the throbbing ground and the void opened up all around me. The demons stood on empty blackness for a second, staring up at me with hate, anger and finally fear in their eyes. Then down and down they fell into the darkness, like apples from the tree of knowledge.

The ground became whole again and I walked forward, into the lungs of hell, to meet dad.


More, in a day or tww, where we put this tail to an end and reveal the identity of the protagonist.


  1. "Thirty seven multicolored eyes from the horde of demons looked at me like I had told them a funny joke without the punchline."

    the best part of the lot...waiting to read the nail biting finish...

  2. now just cant wait for the finish man...this one was way cool!

  3. smooth...

    (A word... just like the msg says!)

  4. see? i told you. Daemon Helstrom. Son of Satan.

    Read the graphic novel. Do.

  5. more more more!!! when when when???

  6. :D
    wow. you do have a way with words!

  7. AK...

    We gonna bite off more than nails ;)


  8. Harshad...

    Well, neither can I wait for the finish, even I don't know what's gonna happen :P


  9. Creation...

    Next time, leave more words! :D


  10. Jadis...

    Seems like I'll have to download it now. One thing for sure, the end is not going to be as per your expectations ;)


  11. Zephyr...

    Gee...your just remineded me of some happy times ;)


  12. Sia...

    the wrong way most of the times :P as lost as the next person! ;)