Dec 25, 2008

Hello! Announcement!!

A very Merry Christmas to all readers. Hope you all got amazing gifts and are having or have had a lot of fun, as you read this…

Now, to our monthly dose of mindless entertainment-The Seven Day Story Suckfest (TSDSS [Say it ;)] ). The blog will get updated daily from 25th-31st December, 2008. We are going to have all kinds of stories, some short, some shorter, some dumb, some…well you know it. Right now is almost 1.32 AM on Christmas morning and the first story will be here in less than 24 hours. We don't know what its going to be, and we are in for as much a surprise as you are. Great or what?

On a side note, we are planning to write each of the stories through these seven days on postcards. The kinds that Indian Postal Service sends, which are cheap, (50 Paise or so?) and which can be sent to YOUR address. We'll pick one comment out of the comments on every story and PR boy will contact the person for their snail mail address and mail them a postcard. (if the person is interested and has a valid postal address). 

The postcard thing depends on PR boy making a trip to some post office and finding out if they still make those things. If nothing else, it will give something to do to the Indian Postal Service when(and if) the post cards get mailed. And maybe, sometime in future when we are big shot something you can sell the post card in an auction to arrange money for your stay in an old age home. Just a thought. 

All you have to do is leave a comment on the story and have a valid postal address in India. Maybe next year we'll have something for any international readers.

PR boy informs us that more people are reaching us on Facebook. Good. Finders keepers, eh?

See ya tomorrow!

*Some people never go mad. What truly boring lives they suffer.—Blackie Lawless.--Contributed by PR boy.


  1. *cough* AIRMAIL *cough*


  2. Ready for the year ending.In Your Way.
    Expecting each one to be a masterpiece. You've never failed any expectations (only over-reached them), so waiting in anticipation.....

  3. oh wowee.
    i'm waaaaayting!


  4. Vaudevillian...

    I can only afford postcards.


    Airmail, maybe next year :)


  5. Monk-E...

    Jeez man, this seems to be praising my whole differnt set of skillz :P

    Waiting in anticipation! eh?

    LOL. It's cool man, won't disappoint ya.


  6. Jadis...

    That's Jesus fucking Christ. A unique image, no?

    :P I could get killed for talking like this on xmas eve :P but oh well.


  7. Sia...

    I don't like to keep pretty ladies waiting. The story is up :)


  8. @ N

    now that's gonna be something...

    & am not talking about you taking the liberty of writing the stuff on a post card n making it a collecters item and hopefully i'll be able to sell it one day to reap in the dividends(i need to keep away from the stock news)

    what will really amaze me if our dear old postal service will actually be able to deliever those cards...they lost my fucking b'day card....and my rakhi...n to top of it all my money order..:P
    & i kept saying put the darn money into my account but girls never listen do they??? they have to do everything their way..which is quite fine in bed but not in real life ladies...and before the daggers come out am not a chauvinist..just some cliche believer..

    that my friend will truly be a christmas miracle...(someone getting the postcard,...not ladies listening to their man)

  9. damn, so this is what i missed when i was busy drinking in goa. any chances of still getting a *handwritten* postcard?