Jan 8, 2009

New Year and a Contest at Clarity Of Night

Hey people! How is everyone hanging in there? Man, another year, full of god knows what all, it's all so exciting and scary at the same time. But well, first off, a very happy new year to all. Hope the resolutions are sticking in, though I feel making resolutions is going out of fashion and losing its appeal. Or, maybe we all have realized that we are lazy buggers who will still be the same come next year, maybe a lil bit fatter around the waist and a little more disillusioned, but same, almost.
There, the think pip for new year.

Along with wishing you all, the point of this post is to tell you about a pretty brilliantly amazing contest, that is not held by me, but by the very talented and highly organized Mr Jason Evans at his blog Clarity of Night. The latest one is called "Ascension" Short Fiction Contest, it is pretty simple but winning it is tough (for me at least, maybe you can impress the judges there with your writing skills.).

It goes like this, you look at the picture given on the blog for inspiration, think up a 250 word story based on that, (you can do poems too, if they relate to the picture, though few poems were submitted in the past contests, still it's good to see rhyme crimes). Send the story to Jason at his email address given in the rules page of the blog.

And if your story comes on top, there are prizes in monies! 
$50 as the top prize and several others.

My tips for writing the story
>Keep it short
>Keep it entertaining
>Spell check
>Grammar check
>Don't bribe Jason
>read the rules carefully on the Clarity of Night rules page
>check winners of previous contests for learning the things they did right
>your writing should show that it's written by you

That's all. Good luck if you choose to write a story, if not, visit the blog, there are some talented and kickass submissions there every contests.

More fubar stories coming up for 2009 on A Story A Day. Cheerz!


  1. Welcome back brotha-prosti! :-P ANd a happy new year to u too!

  2. If you don't win, I don't know what can?!

  3. Go for it Nman...you better win!

  4. This is one of the coolest blogs I've come across since a long time. Wud keep coming back for the updates. Let them roll.

  5. Harshad...

    Let's keep the fucked up things to fuckedup ;) can't tell em here :P

    Well, maybe you can! take part!

    Thanks sir, I think there is still a lot for me to learn from reading the stories there :)

    I'd much rather let em rock ;)



  6. "Don't bribe Jason"

    I'm screwed then....

    Happy New Year old bean

    er...have you bribed Brown Phantom? ;-)