Nov 26, 2008

Should Have Taken The Stairs

The elevator shuddered to a halt and at the same time the lights went out. 

"Shitfuck." Jerra said to no one in particular. She was alone in the elevator when she had taken it from the ground floor and no one had stopped the machine till the 31st floor and this was where the elevator stopped, by itself. 

She pressed the emergency button on the panel but it remained dead as a dodo. She rummaged around in her bag for her cellphone but it wasn't there. In the darkened box, Jerra slowly started taking each thing out of her handbag and started throwing it on the floor. After a while when the floor around her feet got crowded with random articles of female survival, still there was no sign of her cellphone. She slammed the bag on the wall in frustration.

"HELP! Somebody Help!" she screamed in panic, but no reply came back to her. She felt the slow shiver of panic make its way up from the base of her spine to the back of her mind. "I'm gonna die here, oh my god, I'm gonna fuckin die in here."

The first tear crawled out of her eye and started its journey to the floor through the way of her cheek. A sharp fingernail stopped the teardrop on her cheek and drew blood as it dug into her skin. She winced in pain and jerked back from the hand.

"Now, I'm not the one to scare my meal, but I don't like see a pretty girl crying." the bass in the deep voice made the walls of the elevator vibrate.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" she asked between sobs that were on verge of turning to cries.

"Ah, stupid meals, should have taken the stairs. Hush now, and I'll make it quick." 


The thought of being trapped in a small metal box in darkness kind of scares the shit out of me. I prefer the stairs. Always. This is the third story this week, 10.36 IST. See ya tomorrow!


  1. boy..!! and here I thouht there was nothing worse than climbing 6 flight of stairs in a pair of stilletos :| :D

  2. i prefer the stairs too...or the old lifts with grill doors:P

  3. 'stupid meals' tht was! nice one.

  4. 'You LIFT me up.' Falalala!


  5. niiiiiiice! I like the elevator :D esp the shiny ones :|

  6. Kris...
    nice and hungry ;)

    7 flights of stairs? Hey come on, stairs keep you in shape! :D

    Beware the elevators! grill doors are sexxxy ;)

    Meals are always stupid. Always the same. :)

    You LIFT me up too ;) he he he.

    Shiney ones are the most hungry. >:)

    Go ahead sir, take a pick from any of the babes above ;) leaving kris and harshad ofcourse :P

    Cheers All!


  7. Im too lazy to take the stairs! :D I always prefer the lift! :D
    everybody who has seen me would know that, else I too wud have been as thin as u are! :P hehe


  8. I feel elevated.
    Hate 'em too. They make me feel like something's wrong with my inertia and chyme come up into my buccal cavity.

  9. Dammit! I'm never taking the elevator again :(

    @Story: Nice nice :)