Sep 1, 2008

A Demon's Word

Azz gobbled up the three chickens as soon as they are fired up and airborne. It was spooky seeing his hands appear out of the darkness and snatch the burning fireballs out of this air. Did I tell you, that it was always his hands. His scaly hands with nails that changed into forks, spoons and knives at his will. Watching a chicken get dismembered in mid air is a sight that is worth writing stories about. And besides, Azz had his word to keep, which he did.

He kept it to himself. The bastard. This is what happened.

Turned out Azz had been eating chicken from the other party too, the other party in question being the girl I had my eyes on. So, she gets teleported at my place, with her eyes bloodshot, her breath reeking of expensive whisky and her hair in a tangle worse than a bunch of snakes in an orgy. Her face looked like the demolition zone of destruction of a makeup kit and her clothes were crusted with vomit, sewage, other colors and things that crawled with small tentacles. And, she was angrier than a rhino that has just been de-horned.

All my desires to be anywhere in the 10 foot radius of her were raped mercilessly by the way she looked. I looked at Azz's hands.

"Dude, this is so not done."

Azz burped in sympathy, the stench of burnt and digested chicken filled the air.

He clicked his fingers and the girl vanished in thin air.

I sat down sadly on the wet grass of my garden and thought about the PSP I could have asked for the three chickens.

"Maybe next time little brother." Azz said as his hands slowly disappeared into the darkness.


Yup, that's about as far as we will go with Azz and 'I'. More madness will follow. Oh and if the story didn't make any sense, please do read the last two posts. :)


  1. so next time its gonna be the PSP??

  2. Why? Why did this story make me think of Frank Zappa's 'Titties and Beer' song...?
    Rock on!

  3. IG...more like PS3 next time ;)

    Rex...Cuz' that's what its all about! Titties and Beer! :D

    Rocking on!!


  4. you always get me glued to your stories in awe! well written, N!

  5. Jadis...Aren't we all? ;)

    C.S...the glue of awe? Awwww!!! thanks!! :)


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  6. Titties and Beer!
    I knew it!
    Rock on!