Aug 28, 2008

The Burning Chicken

The barn door creaked like nails on a blackboard and I hoped as hell I didn't wake up any chickens. Azz had weird tastes, when the other demons could now be sated with beer and pizza, he was still the old fashioned one. To be summoned by a simple call but if you wanna make a wish, he needed blood and suffering.

And so, chickens. For fuck's sake.

Still, he had got used to one good thing of the new world like a shark to the ocean.

Rock music.

And, this was precisely how I got to meet Azz. At one point in my life I was listening to a lot of black metal. Who knew what shit those guys screamed into the microphones, with the blast beats and distorted guitars, none of it was listenable anyway.

So, this old friend of mine downloaded an album off some satanic torrent site and gave me this weird fucked up 'music' that was all screams and chants in some language I didn't bother to understand, but I must admit, the noise was good.

I got drunk with the music playing and in my drunken haze I set a chicken on fire. Don't ask me why, I have no explanations for the things I do now, what to say of the past. It was fucking funny, watching that burning bird cluck like mad and try to fly and bump into the fences of the garden, it was like a fucking living, breathing, dying fireball.

I was laughing my guts out when two clawed hand appeared out of the darkness beyond the fence and chucked off the chicken. I nearly pissed myself in fear.

Then, his voice spoke from the darkness, I still remember it clearly.

"Delish," it said, "ask your wish boy, cuz I liked the taste of the chicken and I like your taste in music."

And so, on that eldritch night, when I asked a demon for a pack of beer, it all began.

But, that is in the past, right now, let's get these three chicken out. I got some gasoline and I feel kinda pyromantic.


This one was written without any music or internet to bother me and just to make it clear, I never really set a chicken on fire, but I have given it serious thought at times.


  1. This is the shit.

    I'd probably be friends with Azz too. :D


  2. AND it okay if i blogroll you?


    this one's for u bro..

  4. still no full feeds...crap!!!

    i missed your stories too i shall curse you every time you force me to come to your site to read them, but i shall read anyway :P

  5. damn good..shut the net if thats the case.

  6. Jadis...I'm sure Azz would be friends with you too ;) if u r willing to burn chickens;). Yup, blogrolling is cool :)

    Aarish...thanks man, got this one covered :)

    Kris...Dude, the stories are worth coming to the blog and so are alcoholic poet's poems ;)

    IG...shut the net!!???!!! BLASPHEMY!! Mercy!! Mercy!!

    KB...and its YUM!! ;)


    Thanks all, stay tuned for next update :D


  7. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?