Sep 29, 2008

This Is Not A Story--2

Where we talk of books, music and other things.

So, other than pissing people off and wasting my weekend away, I have been listening to some fuck awesome music. Firstly, last week I got Metallica's new album Death Magnetic...this shit is good, heavy and some songs are catchy as hell. Did I say catchy? just listen to the chorus of All Nightmare Long and you will know what I mean. 

Other than that, got Monster Magnet's 4-Way-Diablo. I really like the kind of music these guys make, weird lyrics, rocking tunes, and kick ass song themes...even though I might not understand the hidden meanings and all of the songs, they make a cool listen. Get Monster Magnet if you haven't heard them till now, they are Good!

A friend passed on full discographies of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin (who are touring, as another friend just informed me. Any lucky people? Please go and watch.)

And, been reading Jeffery Archer's As the Crow Flies, which is a good book in a totally Archer kind of way. Also been looking for Richard Morgan's "The Steel Remains", this book is on my definite Buy list for this year, and please, if someone finds an ebook do pass the link! I am also re-re-reading Morgan's Broken Angels and even on the third time around this guy shocks the shit out of me, definite toilet reading I tell you!

On the blog front, Neil Gaiman's blog is a definite must read for anyone who wants to know how tough/tiring/trying/totally awesome it can be to be a writer. Another writer whose blog I have been following is Jeffery Somers, he of the Avery Cates fame, wrote the Electric Church and Digital Plague, both nice books...the third part Eternal Prison is coming soon! which is also on a must read list. Two more books on must read lists are Patrick Rothfuss' follow-up to "Names of the Wind">>> A Wise Man's Fear and Jim Butcher's Dresden Files 11..both books are going to be released in April 2009. Gosh, the wait! 

Phew, too many books. Also, I wrote a short about a man and a corpse and a conversation they have, I still need to brush it up a little bit and I will post that or something weirder, in the next two case you want to read some rhymes, you can always head over to the Poetry Blog...where we go psycho like we go psycho nowhere else.

What else! Hummm....oh yeah, there was a talk somewhere on this blog to do a short story contest, that idea has been abandoned...I thought I'd better leave the contests to experts like Jason Evans...neither do I have the experience of the expertise to do justice to the time and effort people will put in in writing stories. Maybe, someday. We can all have hope, right, it is free.

So, this is this. Let's crank some more crazy tales this week. The total stories written on this blog has crossed 200 mark, somewhere around 230-240..give or take a few.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world and life is treating you like it should :)

Cheers! and buh bye from my side.


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