Sep 5, 2008


*Author's Note- Looking at a satellite passing overhead tonight I thought of this story. Be prepared for a horrifying, blood curdling and gut chilling end of this short story. Children below 18 please do not read. Here we go!> 

Zorak floated like a corpse in the zero gravity graveyard. His arms splayed out like Christ crucified, his space suit dirty and held together in places with duct tape.

A small beep sounded somewhere on the edge of Zorak's consciousness. He opened his eyes to the empty space station and hoped against all hopes that there was some message from earth. Ever since a passing asteroid had smashed the communication aerials, all efforts to repair it had proved futile. 

And then there was the virus, which came with an email. 

The Russian Demetri's girlfriend had made a 'video' for him which he downloaded from the email on the onboard computer of the space station. All the men in the crew appreciated the video highly while the women scoffed and sulked in the corners of the space station. None of them knew about the virus that came with that video, it corrupted the oxygen supply systems and one by one each of the 12 oxygen suppliers in the station shut down. By the time they all realized it, Zorak was the only one left from the crew as he was breathing on auxiliary oxygen already.

Zorak took a deep breath and held it inside. His auxiliary oxygen meter was already in the red and he knew that he would have to make every breath count if he had to contact Earth. With the last dregs of the station's power, he ventured out for his sixth space walk for repairing the communication channels. As he hung in space like a dead man on a rope, something fizzled in his ear piece, a voice, calling his name, over and over.

"Code 667. Code 667. Please send help, we have had a virus attack on the space station." he spoke into the mic in his helmet.

"Zorak! Dude! Wasssap dawg!" a cheery voice answered from the other side.

"WTF!!" Zorak said, the spanner in his hand fell in space and stretched its tether to its limits. 

"Exactly man! WTF? How come you are alive? My virus was supposed to fuck all of you up and sink that flying piece of shit in the strato-fucking-sphere."

"I used auxiliary oxygen you fucker, I'm not dying that easy."

"Oh yes, you are. I'm sending Miss Nuclear Missile to say hello to your Mr. Space Station."

"Like fuck you are."

"You are like, so dead dude! Now gimme a deadly smile, I gotta click your pic and put it on my facebook. The chicks on my friendlist are so gonna dig this astronaut dying in space shit!" 





  1. Heheheh
    Sucky way to go.
    But good old duct tape did its part.
    Rock on!

  2. LOL...
    lemme know when the pics are up on FB haha

  3. Rex...Duct tape forever! :)

    Jadis...and you too are precise! :)

    IG...Ah, that would be sometime in the future, keep a check on the feed ;)

    Tank You all:)


  4. Whahahaah! XD Wicked cool! Loved it!

  5. LOL...bwahahaha...

    that was good fucked the climax...Damnit...!!
    It was disappointing in the end..with the sort of expectations you raised in the beginning... :D...but the LOL brought on my face...surpasses that disappointment...

    rollin are damn good... ;)