Sep 12, 2008


Vitra had a habit of weaving patterns in the air with her hands as she spoke. Every time she spoke, her hands were already in the air, performing their own little dance routine playing with her words as they reached the ears of the unlucky listeners. Most people forgot what she said because her fingers had come to possess a life of their own and they chose to hypnotize the people who were talking to Vitra.

This irritated many of her friends and Vitra was absolutely oblivious to it. So, her friends got together, polled a vote and decided to chop off her fingers. One by fucking one.

She cried, and she begged them not to do it, but by the time one finger was chopped off her left hand, the dance of the fingers was destroyed. And one by one they fell. Except two. The longest fingers on each hand. Her friend took the rest of the digits home to hang on their doors as lucky charms and to scare would be finger dancers, thieves, beggars and small animals.

Vitra recovered slowly from her wounds and used her middle fingers to fuck her friends off.

Since that day, Vitra's two fingers danced The Fuck Off Dance on the dance floor of life and life couldn't have been much better.
This is dedicated to a teacher in my college, who had an electric way of telling things. I never heard, only saw. Oh well, sweet youth.

Fuck it. 

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  1. aaargh, yesss.. classic nothingman, I've missed out on this for so bloody long, fan-fucking-tastic mate

  2. heyyyy why dya remove d green header n font?? cudn't recognise ur blog at all!!!

  3. Kartik...gee, i'm not that old to be a classic :) glad to se you here old timer ;)

    KB...ah, well, just simplifying things a bit. The look will be back when I get broadband :D..sometime soon :)


  4. Pretty violent xP
    The opening: Pretty
    The ending: Violent.

    Keep it up N!

  5. great post!

    **Vitra's two fingers danced The Fuck Off Dance on the dance floor of life and life couldn't have been much better.

    wow I like that expression!


  6. verrry kickin my friend...absolutely...carry on Horror...

    scribblers Inc.

  7. Now thats what I call...horror hilarious.. :D

  8. Heee!!!! Amazing!! Frikkin amazing! I don't call you a Nergal for nothing...!! You can't imagine how well this post made my day at 3 in the morning! Kudos!

  9. ohmeeegaaawwwd! the whole analogy is so unbelievable..!! You start so beautifully and end it well, its beautiful depending on how you look at it, completely unexpected!

  10. well...who wont like this one...!!!!!animated way of talking...i totally identify with this one....u suddenly seem to be doing fine

  11. we gonna write about how to die in a sexy way ;)

    Keshi...Thanks for the visit :) You are the popular one! Guess who's jealous ;)

    Scribbler....I think you mean 'Humor; my friend ;) There is nothing Horror in cutting off a friend's fingers, is there?

    Zubin...I find your mole hilarious man :P If I had one like that I'd die laughing too :P Thanks for the visit!

    Jadis...Nergal? :O I hope its some damn abusive swear word in some language, I'm gonna google it! If its not something cool, then grrrr :P

    Queen Bean...You are a Queen after my very own heart! Yays to coffee!!!! :D

    Alesea...You identify with this one? Holy fuck! don't look at fingers in future ok! :P

    Thanks All!!

    It's superb reading your comments! :D