Aug 13, 2008

The Awakened

We have seen ourselves grow fat, old, ugly and dead. 

Our ancient bones creak in rusting joints. The muscles knot up and we writhe in our aeon old sleep. The world that we once knew is, but a dream to us. The sky beyond our closed eyes changes colors from black to gray to black again, but we only feel, we do not see.

The things that we were once, we are not those anymore. Like fallen giants, we rot. The world we were promised, never given to us. 

So, we wait. We lie dreaming and in this dreaming we wait. We wait for the worlds to end and we wait for time itself to collapse on its feeble legs. We wait for the last winks of the galaxies. 

We wait, for the end of Death.

We wait, for the end of this dream.

And when there is nothing, we shall awake. 

To create again.


Why are you looking at me like that? 


  1. Brrrr, shiver! Loved the deathly vibe of this piece, Nman!

  2. So very true, as if u read my mind...

    I have a question now...Why only wake up when we are left with nthng to wake up to??

  3. Jon...ah, shiver! and winter isn't even here yet :) I dig the deathly vibe too :D

    Rashi...Interesting question. Well, when you wake up to nothing, you can create ANYTHING you want!
    A great deal I'd say.

  4. Now I definitely liked the tone of the opening lines!
    More than half of good ideas are lost between dreams and awakening. Only a few make it to actually be created, methinks.
    And of course, the waiting for the inevitable is brought out very well!
    The sudden urge for something different, hmm? :)

  5. LD...

    I think these lines defines us, the "young" generation. Forever waiting, and never taking action.

    Nevermind me, I'm kinda out today :) thanks for the comment :)

    readers like you make writing worthwhile.