Aug 23, 2008

Yeah, I'm talking to You.

This is not a story, I like to make that clear in non-story posts because once or twice some of you have commented on personal posts as"Hey, nice story!!!". Makes me think that I am the only living person out here and ALL(except 1,2 or 3) of you are robots controlled by aliens who are having fun at my expense! But strangly I do not seem to care.

Right, the last two stories have been pretty psycho even for me, no, it was not the amount of violence, there was very little anyway, it's not the amount of fuckedupness in those stories, its not the lack of comments that all you lazy readers do not write for the pleasure of my mailbox. IT is that I barely remember writing these stories.

Am I getting amnesia finally? I mean 243 stories and almost equal number of poems at my other blog Poetry, am I finally cracking up?( As if I wasn't a lot of cracked already) Though this business of not recalling wrting these stories is irksome but somehow I do not mind this. I mean as long as the stories are getting written, besides, I am sure that I wrote them because they are saved in my laptop only. So, that is settled.

I have been thinking about some things, first about a story writing contest, with cash prizes. Ah, that catches your attention, no? I'm still thinking about it, I do not know if anyone of you would like to take part in it. Leave a comment if you would like to see the contest in materialize here, and I will think up some fucked up rules and equally fucked up prizes.

Second thing is the color scheme of this blog, I am thinking of going simplistic. Why simplistic you ask? Well the black background takes considerably larger time to load on my internet connection, and with the widgets and all its quite a wait. Any thoughts on that? Do you have any suggestions for the blog's look? Something you'd like added or something you'd like removed? Seen any tempelate worthy enough of ASAD? let me know.

Right, so two things, contest and blog looks.

As all personal non story posts, this post too shall be removed, whenever I feel like it!



  1. Nothingman....don;t remove this post :-) its good to talk to you on personal fronts too...
    i like your template...keep it....get rid of the header if you must....but its your identity....this coming from someone who still cant retrive her lost template...

    Do the competition....

    and about forgetting stories you all good....dont dope too much :-)

  2. Your loading time is probably more to do with your broadband connection than the content (I have much more crap on my blog than you do) and stick with the black - all the best ones are black!

    And yes, I'll be up for a competition.

  3. no competition plz..:)
    black is gud...less widgets:)

  4. its not the lack of comments that all you lazy readers do not write for the pleasure of my mailbox.

    *bursts out laughing*
    I read this and go "AWWWWW". *grin grin grin*
    No wonder I keep reading your blog, eh? xD

    ha ha. Respect. Respect. Aye.
    *guffaws a little more*

    Yes, this is scatty. I just had a major kick out of winning a verbal duel with a temperamental "former" friend who logged out since she lost. xD xD XD LOGIC RULES THE PLANET!

    And people should not piss me off. Why? Read my latest post to find out!

    Oh wait, this is your comment box. Sorry, I forgot. :P

  5. PS: Your site loads decently enough on my slow data card connection. No worries there!