Aug 22, 2008

Escaping Illusions

In her mind Slicha wielded the SuperQuantamMegaNutrinoX in her hand and blasted through the hoards of alien Zorgers like a steel scalpel through flesh. She enjoyed the bloodshed, the chunks of alien flesh that clung to the visors of her helmet, the warmth of blood that slowly seeped in through her radiation control suit and made her happy. 

She surveyed the carnage around her, something moved in the rubble and Slicha called a nuclear strike from the built in mic of her helmet. She saw the missile approach, her adrenaline built up in anticipation of another mushroom cloud…then everything went black.

Pitch black darkness surrounded her. She opened her eyes and looked at the leaves of a tree in the park hiding the sky. The VidDrug had worn off and she didn't have any credit left in her cellphone to order more. She cast a look around herself.

Wind fluttered through the pages of her book lying on the grass. A bright sun shone on the afternoon sky, a medley of clouds made their way across the blue. The air was heavy with the promise of rain. Somewhere in distance a shotgun blast rang out and roused a flurry of sparrows from the trees.

Slicha picked up her book from the grass and stuffed it into her bag. 'fucking humans' she thought. She quietly walked through the grass, purposely smothering the grass with her shoes. 

The large building that she knew as her house loomed like a brick giant in front of her. She placed her hand on the security keypad and the door chimed open.

"Hey Slicha!" the house spoke in a cheery voice, "welcome back from school, what would you like to eat today?"

"Shit." Slicha grumbled at the cheerful tones of the house's voice. 

She walked into her room, slammed the door and put on music. Loud music, the kind that made a person's eyes bulge from their sockets and their brains melt through their ears. Slicha selected a scalper from her biology kit and fit it with a new blade, the old one was rusty with blood. Then, she stripped herself of every single piece of clothing on her body. For one crazy moment she contemplated walking out in the world, free from all the bonds of shame, respect and sanity. Then the cold steel of the scalper dragged her back to reality. She stepped into the tiny bathroom attached to her room and turned on the shower.

Trickles of blood followed the water into the drain, as Slicha dug the steel into her skin, strengthening her bond with reality.


I'm half asleep and hungry as I write this, both out of choice. And it is the most fun I have writing sometimes, writing to escape my illusions. Shit, there is no deeper meaning to the stories, so don't even bother to re-read. G' nite.


  1. yummmm...well written

  2. "fucking humans"

    - i love lines like that.

  3. "Shit, there is no deeper meaning to the stories, so don't even bother to re-read."

    No, but sometimes there is a deeper meaning for the reader.

  4. @D...Geez, 'yumm' was not the response i was expecting! ;)

    @MJB...indeed boss, humans fucking humans...all over the planet ;)

    @Minx...all stories are for them mam' a writer's job is to write :)


  5. and you do it so well mate. Nice one. Missed reaing you for a while.

  6. I loved the opening, but I'll be honest here, the end seemed a little on the cliched side. :/
    Hunger does that to you, I guess. :P